Thursday, November 11, 2010

Preview Take That's Progress

British iTunes has 30-second previews now for all tracks on Take That's Progress (or you can listen via the YouTube clip below). Let's have a listen:

1. The Flood. Of course I like this one.

2. SOS. Very upbeat with a dance beat but also prominent electric guitar. Kind of a darker melody. I'm not entirely sold yet, but I've heard this song is really good.

3. Wait. This one has a sharp '90s dance beat, but the melody is very sweet and disco-ish. This sounds like an interesting one.

4. Kidz. Harder synth pop beat here, like something from the early-to-mid '80s. Also kind of dark sounding.

5. Pretty Things. Something lighter with a synth melody. Sounds a bit like Erasure.

6. Happy Now. More synth pop, although even dreamier than "Pretty Things." Sounds like Pet Shop Boys until the chorus starts.

7. Underground Machine. Prominent Robbie vocal with a marching beat and synth melody. More '80s sounds.

8. What Do You Want From Me? I see a pattern--more '80s synth-based dance pop sound. This sounds like it could be another standout.

9. Affirmation. More insistent dance beat with this one with prominent electronic melody.

10. Eight Letters. Finally a slower song. I guess with Stuart Price as producer you don't expect many (if any) ballads. Sounds like a good song.

11. Flowerbed. Dreamy synths and highly reverbed vocals on this one, another slow track.

The reviews I've read that say "The Flood" is the most conventional track here are probably right. Exciting and interesting stuff. I'm looking forward to hearing the whole thing.

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