Thursday, November 11, 2010

Billboard Hot 100, November 20, 2010

1. What's My Name - Rihanna (feat. Drake)

Rihanna jumps to #1 with "What's My Name," the second single from her new album, Loud, out next week. It is the second single in a row to make an aggressive move #1, following Ke$ha's "We R Who We R," which debuted at #1 and falls to #5 this week. Her 59 place jump to reach the top spot is among the biggest moves to #1. She's no stranger to such jumps: "Take a Bow" moved 53-1 in 2008 and T.I. & Rihanna's "Live Your Life" moved 80-1 (the record is held by Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck without You," which moved 97-1).

This is Rihanna's third #1 hit this year, following "Rude Boy" and "Love the Way You Lie (with Eminem)," making her the first artist to score three chart-toppers this year. The last artist to do so was...Rihannna! In 2008, she hit #1 with "Take a Bow," "Disturbia," and "Live Your Life (with T.I.)." It's her 8th #1 hit overall, moving her ahead of Beyonce to become the female artist with the fifth most #1 hits (If you consider the two #1 hits by "Diana Ross and the Supremes" as solo #1 for Ross, then she's also tied with Rihanna at 8 #1s, although I think 6 is more appropriate). Ahead of Rihanna are Janet Jackson (10 #1s), Whitney Houston (11), Madonna (12), and Mariah Carey (18). Rihanna's amassed this total pretty quickly; it's been just over 4 years from her first #1, "SOS" in 2006 to today. Among these artists, from the time they had their first #1 hit to their 8th, Mariah Carey did so in 3 years, Whitney Houston in 5, Madonna in 6, and Janet Jackson in 11.

This is the first #1 hit for Drake, who's been in the top 10 several times, most notably for his solo hits "Best I Ever Had" (#2) and, earlier this year, "Find Your Love" (#5). Drake is Canadian; Rihanna is Barbadian, giving "What's Your Name" an usual international pedigree as a US #1 hit that's a collaboration between two artists from different countries neither of which are Americans. The last such pairing was Colombian Shakira and Haitian Wyclef Jean's 2006 #1 hit "Hips Don't Lie."

Finally, I want to pause just to note what a great year 2010 has been for Rihanna: 5 top 10 hits and 3 #1s, including one of the year's biggest hits ("Love the Way You Lie"). After last year, she deserved it.

4. Only Girl (in the World) - Rihanna

Not to keep harping on Rihanna, but her previous single is still bulleted at #4. The track is #3 and still gaining fast at top 40 radio, where it will likely hit #1 soon. Hitting #1 on the Hot 100 is still not out of reach for this song, which is this week's #1 hit in the UK.

10. Firework - Katy Perry
(12. Teenage Dream - Katy Perry)

Katy Perry earns the digital gainer this week, climbing 19 notches to score her sixth top 10 hit. This makes the singles from Teenage Dream more consistent than those from her last album, considering that the third single from it, "Thinking of You," was not a major hit. Perry actually replaces herself in the top 10, as "Teenage Dream" falls from 8 to 12.

22. Secrets - OneRepublic

OneRepublic climbs 9 notches to #22 with "Secrets." I'm scratching my head wondering why. The song's been out forever.

26. Felt Good on My Lips - Tim McGraw

Country star and actor Tim McGraw scores his 25th top 40 hit with the song from his new greatest hits compilation, Number One Hits (This has actually rather irritated me, since I used to be able to search Wikipedia with "Number One Hits" to pull up the page of Hot 100 #1s, but because of this title, that won't work anymore...thanks Tim).

31. Right Thru Me - Nicki Minaj

Ahead of the release of her album, Nicki Minaj scores her 9th top 40 hit.

36. Grenade - Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars' follow-up to his #1 hit "Just the Way We Are," climbs 28 spots to become his 4th top 40 hit.

39. Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor) - Pitbull (feat. T-Pain)

Pitbull scores his 7th top 40 hit, the first single from his new album Planet Pit. Pitbull's most recent hits were as guest rapper on Enrique Iglesias' "I Like It" and Usher's "DJ Got Us Falling in Love," both of which hit #4.

40. No Love - Eminem (feat. Lil Wayne)

With Rihanna at #1 beginning this entry, it's perhaps appropriate that Eminem is at #40 ending it, moving up 7 spots to #40 with "No Love," the follow-up to #1 hit "Love the Way You Lie." It's his 27th top 40 hit.

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