Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Glee "Furt"

It's another story-heavy episode this week, with a marriage theme.

Finn's mom and Kurt's dad are getting married. Kurt seems excited but Finn seems hesitant. Sam presents Quinn with a "promise" ring, which apparently is some sort of "this-isn't-an-engagement-ring-because-we're-too-young-but-someday-maybe" ring. Seems very strange. The closeted gay bully, Dave Karofsky, showed up and was really weird around Kurt--he took the wedding cake topper Kurt was holding. When Kurt complains about it to Sue, who is apparently still principal, she bullies him as well. Finn is conflicted about his role in all this. He hasn't really defended Kurt, which Kurt's dad isn't happy to find out. Dave's father is called in for a meeting with him, Kurt, and Kurt's father in front of Sue, which results in Dave's expulsion.

With so much love in the air, Sue decides she'll get married...to herself. Carol Burnett shows up playing Sue's Nazi-hunter mother. She's just as nasty as her daughter, although she's got something really odd going on with her mouth (and I'm guessing that's not part of the story). Harry, Artie, and Sam stand up to Karofsky in the locker room and tell him to stop bullying Kurt. A fight ensures that Bieste comes in to break up. Wow--20 minutes in and still no song yet.

The wedding is nice, especially the reception, at which Finn gives a heartful speech paying tribute to Kurt and promising to "have his back" from now on. It segues into "Just the Way You Are," which is really great. Sue's wedding is a one-woman show, where Sue plays bride, bridge and minister witnessed by her mother and sister Jeanie. Sue confronts her mother for being a bully and missing so much of her and her sister.

It turns out the Karofsky won't be expelled, as the school board voted against it. Kurt and his family aren't happy about it, but there's nothing they can do. Sue resigns in "protest," but she's probably just tired of being in charge. The episode ends with Kurt announcing to the Glee club that he intends to transfer to Dalton Academy. The kids in the club are not happy about it and try to dissuade him, but he leaves anyway. Of course, it's a teary farewell, but from an audience perspective it can only mean one thing...more Blaine!

This episode was pretty good, but not as good as the last two. The stuff with Kurt, Finn and their families was great, but the Sue storyline wasn't as strong. Carol Burnett was fine, but no Gwyneth Paltrow.


Ohio (From "Wonderful Town") - Sue's mother (Carol Burnett) and Sue. They sing this on the auditorium stage. It's fine, although not as cool as it could be. They aren't the best singers really and this isn't the most interesting song. And the presentation isn't that interesting either.

Marry You (Bruno Mars) - New Directions. The glee club kicks off the wedding of Finn's mom and Kurt's dad with a festive rendition of Bruno Mars's song from his recent album.

Sway (Pablo Beltrán y Su Orchestra) - Will Schuester. Mr. Schue sings an abbreviated version of this Latin number at the wedding.

Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars) - New Directions. Finn takes the lead on this one, a song that he directs at Kurt. Wow, they even dance together. It's very sweet. Then they dance with thie parents. Everyone seems so happy.

Best line (Kurt): "My power rangers got married and divorced in so many combinations they were like Fleetwood Mac."


A1 said...

hey , cant read your Furt because we have fallen a week behind here in OZ, The Substitute aired here last night, new respect for Apple's mum, she owned it! (She is TOP 40, agreed best line of the night!) Forget You never sounded better, and the umbrella/rain mash up!!!...damn this show is just continues to impressive...i'm a gleek!

rcLoy said...

OMG. They can't do no wrong eh? I thought Marry You is super sweet but heck, Just The Way You Are is bringing it to another different level :) God Bless GLEE! More Klaine! YAY! XD