Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Glee "Special Education"

Friction is high between the members of New Directions leading up to sectionals. Despite the number of songs in this episode, it's actually pretty plot heavy, with almost all of the music coming in the second half, during the sectionals competition.

For the sectionals set list, Will shakes up the club's usual lineup by giving Sam and Quinn the duet instead of Finn and Rachel. This leads to a fight during with Santana reveals to Rachel (and everyone else) that she slept with Finn. Rachel and Finn attend counseling with Emma, but it doesn't seem to help heal the rift that has formed between them.

Kurt attends his first meeting of the Dalton Academy Warblers, during which he's indoctrinated by being given a parakeet to take care of. He's also got some ideas for sectionals, but is quickly (but politely) silenced by the group's leadership; however, Blaine tells him they want to give him a chance to audition for a sectionals solo. He doesn't get it though. Blaine counsels him to try harder to be team player and assures him he'll fit in soon enough.

Brittany is nervous that her dance moves will be featured in sectionals. To bolster her confidence, Artie makes up a story about his "magic comb" and gives it to her for good luck. Tina tells Artie that Brittany and Mike are doing more together than just rehearsing.

To fill Kurt's absence, Will asks Puck to recruit some new members. He tries to convince the rest of the football team to join, but they don't go for it and stuff him in a port-o-potty. A strange and portly girl saves him and he convinces her to join New Directions.

All this stirs the pot leading up to...sectionals! It all boils over in the green room right before they have to perform. Will pulls them back together enough to go on. Artie accuses Brittany of "adultery," but she doesn't understand what me means. They figure it out and make up.

Third place goes to The Hipsters. And the winner is...it's a tie. The Warblers and New Directions will both go to regionals. The happiness doesn't last long though, as Emma reveals to Will that she and Carl got married in Vegas. Rachel and Finn make up and he tells her that he loves her. Then Rachel drops her bomb...while she and Finn were fighting she tried to sleep with Puck. Finn is very hurt and dumps her.


Don't Cry For Me Argentina - From "Evita" (Rachel and Kurt). Rachel sings this for Kurt to inspire him for his Warbler's solo audition, and Kurt sings it for his audition, with the two parts edited to make a duet. Rachel even finds a balcony to sing from!

The Living Years - Mike + The Mechanics (The Hipsters). The old folks turn in a pretty stirring rendition of this late '80s classic. It's truncated for the show.

Hey, Soul Sister - Train (Dalton Academy Warblers). Blaine takes center stage for this one. They sound good, although it's not as good as "Teenage Dream" was. They should be commended though for how well they make acapella sound like full accompaniment. It's really quite cool.

I've Had the Time of My Life - Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes (Sam and Quinn with New Directions). Wow. Great number. It's almost as good as last year's sectional show-stopper, Rachel's "Don't Rain on My Parade."

Valerie - Zutons/Amy Winehouse (Santana with New Directions). Great to see Santana sing a major solo. She's a nasty girl, but she's got a great voice. The dancing in this number is fantastic. Another highlight.

Dog Days Are Over - Florence + the Machine (Tina and Mercedes with New Directions). The group celebrates their regionals victory with an uplifting rendition of this offbeat hit.

Brittany's best line (referring to sectionals): "If we lose, we should throw possums."

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rcLoy said...

I believe the song selection in this episode is pretty darn eclectic and surprisingly nice. Hey, Soul Sister choir version is pretty sweet. Valerie is a gem! So is Dog Days Are Over (Go Tina!) and I believe Sam and Quinn did justice to Time of My Life! BEP can go suck it! :P

BTW don't you just love Rachel and Kurt dynamic? There's just so much to love about this series :)