Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Glee "Never Been Kissed"

After some pretty plot-lite episodes, It's nice to see one that's more story driven, tackling the timely issue of teenage gay bashing and even (maybe...finally) introducing the potential love interest for Kurt.

As the episode opens in the boys' locker room, Finn and Sam are in the bathrub (separate tubs) discussing how they control their libidos since their girlfriends won't put out. Eventually they land on the idea of fantasizing about Coach Beiste, who quits when she finds out about it. Mr. Schuester splits the boys and girls for group performances. This irritates Kurt, who, after getting bullied in the hall, convinces Mr. Schuester to switch it up a bit, making the guys do a girls' song and vice-versa. But it's not enough for Kurt, who decides to check out an all boys prep School where he meet Blaine (Darren Criss) member of the school's glee club, The Warblers, who encourages Kurt to stand up to the bullies. Kurt appears smitten, and emboldened by his advice, the next time the bully picks on him, Kurt defends himself. But then--in a rather unexpected twist--he kisses Kurt! Blaine and Kurt confront the guy about it, and it's pretty clear he's deeply closeted. Mr. Schuester finds Coach Beiste


One Love/People Get Ready - Bob Marley (Puck and Artie). They do this one outside on the steps, which seems to be a popular new performance location. Lots of kids give them money too. Where did that kettle drummer come from?

Teenage Dream - Katy Perry (Blaine and the Warblers). What a great introduction for Blaine. If you thought Sam was hot...wow. Kurt is instantly captivated. Who wouldn't be? This was a really fun performance.

Start Me Up - Rolling Stones/Livin' on a Prayer - Bon Jovi (New Directions girls). The girls don black leather and tease out their hair for this spirited mashup.

Stop! in the Name of Love - The Supremes/Free Your Mind - En Vogue (New Directions boys). The boys try to make up with Bieste with this rockin' mashup.

This was a really great episode. Probably my favorite so far this season. Really touching.


A1 said...

definitely a great episode, hitting teen issues like never before...teenage dream performance perfect, and possibly a juxtaposition for Kurt...hidden of course:)
loving Glee, dang its my #1 single :)

J.Mensah said...

Go on the UK iTunes now!!! :)

ww_adh said...

Awesome. Thanks J. I'm listening now.

A1 - I'm glad you liked it. I see "Shame" is on your chart. When will "The Flood" appear?

rcLoy said...

I love love love the fact that they are giving the lime light to Kurt! :)

ww_adh said...

Yes, Chris Colfer has really gotten a chance to shine this year. He's great.