Sunday, November 28, 2010

Album Review: Robyn - Body Talk (4.5/5)

Robyn caps a rather exciting year with her third release, Body Talk, a full-length album that includes five tracks from each of her Body Talk EP releases (Part 1 and Part 2) released earlier this year plus five new songs (A Part 3 EP was released separately that includes only the five new tracks from the album).

The album generally represents the best of those two EPs, plus five new songs, all of which pretty upbeat dance pop tracks that deserve their inclusion alongside the others. "Indestructible" is particularly good, it's electronic version surpassing the acoustic one included on Part 2. "I let the bad ones in and the good ones go," sings Robyn, her refusal to give up on love sounds even more emphatic over the insistent dance pop beat. I love the strings in the middle section, which sound much brighter in this version.

"All I want is a DeLorean," declares Robyn on "Time Machine," a typically bracing dance pop track with a deep bass beat. "Call Your Girlfriend" pairs that deep bass beat with retro synthesizer blasts. She's advising some guy about how to break up with her and let her down easy--because he's fallen for Robyn! "Stars 4 Ever" closes the album on a sweet note of uplift.

Since only five tracks from the first two Body Talk EPs were included, some tracks were omitted. I most miss "Cry When You Get Older," which was one of my favorites from Part 1. But the most essential tracks are here, including the single version of "Dancing on My Own," "Hang with Me," "In My Eyes" and "Fembot," making Body Talk one the year's most essential pop albums.

Best: Indestructible, Dancing on My Own, Hang with Me, Call Your Girlfriend, In My Eyes, Fembot

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