Saturday, September 05, 2009

Best of 2000s: Keane - Under the Iron Sea (4.5/5)

Keane almost fell apart around the time of this album. That there was trouble brewing is evident its overall darker tone and louder sound when compared to their ebullient debut, Hopes and Fears. Under the Iron Sea succeeds with a sound similar to its predecessor and strong songwriting. In particular, "A Bad Dream" is my favorite song Keane has recorded yet--a gorgeous and moving ballad about a soldier's wartime despair. The album opens with the rather experimental "Atlantic," followed by hit single "Isn't It a Wonder," an upbeat track much peppier than anything on their debut. "Put It Behind You" is another upbeat standout, not too dissimilar from a Hopes and Fears track ("Bend and Break"). Although their third album didn't nearly impress me as much as their first two, I'm hopeful they have another great album in them. Best: A Bad Dream, Atlantic, Isn't It a Wonder, Nothing in My Way, Put It Behind You, Leaving So Soon.

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