Sunday, October 03, 2010

UK Singles Chart, October 9, 2010

1. Written in the Stars - Tinie Tempah (feat. Eric Turner)

British rapper scores his second #1 hit with "Written in the Stars," this time featuring vocalist Eric Turner (whoever that is--he sounds kind of like Enrique Iglesias). Tinie Tempah is the 6th artist to score a second #1 hit this year. Since 2000, there have been 3 years where seven artists hit #1 at least twice--2000, 2001, and last year (which included two artists that hit #1 three times, Black Eyed Peas and Lady GaGa). Going back as far as 1995, there hasn't been a year where 8 artists had 2 or more #1s. During that time only one artist scored 4 #1 hits in one calendar year, Westlife in 1999.

3. Let the Sun Shine - Labrinth

Labrinth produced Tinie Tempah's first two hits, but this week the producer and artist were competitors for the top of the chart. Ultimately Labrinth must settle for #3 with "Let the Sun Shine."

4. Make You Feel My Love - Adele

We've yet to see any performers from this year's X Factor appear on the chart, but they are still having an affect, as Adele's "Make You Feel My Love," vaults dramatically from #102 to #4, scoring a new peak for the single, making it the singer's second-highest charting hit after "Chasing Pavements." The single initially peaked at #26 in 2008. Just a few weeks ago, following its first appearance on X Factor, it hit a new peak at #24. Now it significantly improves up that--quite spectacularly in fact.

8. Heartbeat - Enrique Iglesias (feat. Nicole Scherzinger)

Ricky and Nicki climb five spots to #8 with "Heartbeat," becoming his 8th top 10 hit and her second following her featured appearance on Diddy's "Come to Me."

9. Katy on a Mission - Katy B

I just want to point out that after 6 weeks, Katy B's "Katy on a Mission" is still in the top 10, despite it sounding like the kind of single that would debut at #15 and fall like a stone afterwards. Kind of cool, since it's a fun song, and it's been growing on me.

12. Get Outta My Way - Kylie Minogue

Not enough other artists heeded Kylie's command this week, as too few singles gave way to allow this to hit the top 10. Tragic, I think, since it's a great song. Not since her 1994 album Kylie Minogue has she put out a second single following a top 10 hit that failed to follow suit.

36. Ill Behaviour - Danny Byrd (feat. I-Kay)

Dance musician Danny Byrd debuts at #36 with "Ill Behaviour," which wouldn't have caught my eye except for the fact that it samples Wildchild's "Renegade Master," which, in a remixed version from the 1995 original, hit #3 in early 1998 on the first UK top 40 chart I ever listened to.

Next week: A major chart battle is in the works. Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow's "Shame" is released, which would seem like an easy #1, if it weren't for that fact that it goes against Cee Lo Green's "Fuck You," which has been the #1 song on UK radio the last 2 weeks (in its "Forget You" version of course).

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Paul said...

it looks like Cee-Lo might cause a chart upset this week!

Poor Kylie. GOMW joins Put Yourself In My Place, Breathe, Finer Feelings and The One as songs that should have easily made top ten!

Didn't Adele do well? I must admit I downloaded the song! And Labrinth was played a fair bit in the background of episodes. It will be interesting to see what Joe does chartwise - i believe he is singing in the results show on Sunday...