Sunday, October 10, 2010

Joe McElderry album preview

Although "The Climb" didn't wow me, I'm actually quite looking forward to the debut album from Joe McElderry, last year's X Factor winner. I just listened to the preview clips of Wide Awake, and I'm actually impressed. It sounds like a fun, peppy pop album with quite a bit of dance pop. Some early thoughts:

1. Ambitions. The current single, which is a great slice of classy dance pop. Although the video piqued my interest more than the song, the song has actually grown on me. It's out today too.

2. Someone Wake Me Up. Another pretty fast tempo song, although more of a rock arrangement.

3. Superman (It's Not Easy). This is a remake of the Five for Fighting hit from 2001. Sounds fine.

4. Real Late Starter. Up-tempo with a strong piano presence. Sounds very Scissor Sisters like. Cool.

5. Until the Stars Run Out. More dance pop, definitely with a disco flavor, although quite modern sounding altogether.

6. Feel the Fire. Up-tempo and retro with strong piano again. Sounds like something from Glee.

7. Fahrenheit. This sounds like it's a really cool song. It's VERY Scissor Sisters sounding. Almost like a new version of "I Don't Feel Like Dancing." It even has the same laser sound effects. Love it. Really looking forward to hearing this song.

8. Wide Awake. Title track. Sounds like a big ballad. Fine, but not particularly interesting.

9. Smile. Mid-tempo, rock based, with a lot of piano. Sounds okay. I'll need to hear more.

10. Love Is War. Got a bit of old school R&B flavor to it, although it also sounds like Scissor Sisters.

11. The Climb. I'd have been fine with just leaving this off. It doesn't fit in with the upbeat, party (even campy) vibe of the rest of the album.

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