Thursday, October 21, 2010

Billboard Hot 100, 10/31/2010

1. Like a G6 - Far*East Movement (feat. Cataracs and Dev)

Far*East Movement claims #1 from Bruno Mars, who spent the last 4 weeks at at the top. "Like a G6" is perhaps the most unusual and unexpected #1 hit this year. The bouncy, dance pop track is from the subgenre "electro house" a fusion of electro and house dance music, although I've also seen the group described as "electro hop," a combination of electro and hip-hop. Whatever they are, it's a winning formula, making "Like a G6" the 12th chart-topper of 2010.

6. Back to December - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift continues her pre-release onslaught in the run up to her new album, Speak Now. The album's title track debuted at #8 last week, while this, now third top 10 hit from the album debuts this week at #6. The album's first official single, "Mine," hit #3 a couple months ago (it's currently #14). Probably one more top 10 out of her before the album drops, as this week's preview track, "Mean," is currently #1 at iTunes. Interestingly, although these things tend to fall fast ("Speak Now" is #48 this week), "Back to December" is still in the iTunes top 10 at present.

10. Bottoms Up - Trey Songz feat. Nicki Minaj

Trey Songz scores his second top 10 hit this week, a collaboration with hot new female rapper Nicki Minaj, who, with this single, finally lands her first appearance in the top 10.

11. Raise Your Glass - P!nk

Pink leaps into the top 40 at #11, up 40 spots. "Raise Your Glass" is the new single from Pink's forthcoming greatest hits set Greatest Hits...So Far!!! It's a typically great pop song from pink, with the insatiable rock-leaning vibe and cheeky attitude that embodies most of her most memorable tunes. We shouldn't be surprised the hook is courtesy of Swedish pop producer extraordinaire Max Martin, along with Shellback. "Raise Your Glass" is Pink's 16th top 40 hit. I expect it will reach the top 10; it's blowing up at top 40 radio.

27. Lucky - Glee Cast

"Lucky" is not another Britney Spears remake, but a song by Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz. It's the only track from last week's Glee to make the top 40 this week ("River Deep, Mountain High" is quite close at #41). No new episode of Glee this week means it's doubtful the show will score any top 40 hits next week, although the music from the Rocky Horror episode is already available.

34. Please Don't Go - Mike Posner

Mike Posner follows his recent top 10 hit with a second top 40 single.

36. We No Speak Americano - Yolanda Be Cool feat. Dcup

How cool to see a dance song in the top 40! It's so disappointingly rare. This is one of the biggest international hits of the year, having hit #1 in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Irelands, Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK (although only #4 in the performers' native Australia).


J.Mensah said...

Haha! It's almost as if you knew that when I saw "Lucky" I was thinking... is this another Britney Spears cover?

ww_adh said...

I was thinking that when I saw for sale on iTunes last week. Wish it would've been. I'm not a fan of Colbie or Jason.