Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Singles Reviews

Will Young - "Switch It On" (5/5)

The original Pop Idol is back, and like his American counterpart Kelly Clarkson, continues to demonstrate that his abilities go far beyond reality TV. "Switch It On" is louder and harder-by far-than any of his previous releases. Some may chafe at the multi-layered sound, which at first sounds messy, but listen carefully and you'll hear how it all holds together well. Also good is the song's video, a campy send-up of Top Gun, that shows Will Young is more willing now to embrace his sexual orientation in his art. Perhaps forthcoming album, Keep On, will having something other than gender-neutral pronouns.

Son of Dork - "Ticket Outta Loserville" (3/5)

Sounds an awful like Busted or Simple Plan--that punk/pop sound that's really big right now, that I'm not particularly fond of. Still, it's fun, and fills the Busted void just fine.

The Darkness - "One Way Ticket" (4.5/5)

This is more like it! Justin Hawkins is insane, and The Darkness have delivered another great, loud, fun hit. Definitely in the "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" vein, but a little more "out there."

Athlete - "Twenty Four Hours" (3.5/5)

A scratchy, dreamy guitar soundscape opens this song, the fourth single from Tourist. Pianos and synth strings (I believe) underscore the slightly rising chorus. The guitar riff gets a bit repetitive, and the song lacks the grandeur of earlier single "Wires," but it is peaceful, unoffensive, and overall enjoyable.

Black Eyed Peas - "My Humps" (1/5)

Yuck. This is pretty bad. They've fallen far since "Where Is The Love." Is lacking lyrically, musically, and doesn't have a good beat. Lady lumps indeed.

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R said...

I LOVE the new Darkness single.

And wtf with "Humps"? Lady lumps is something my grandma would say. Fergie is disgusting.