Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Singles Serving

Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me. Britney's new single arrived this week, and I'm pleased to say that it's pretty fantastic. The song uses a cliched double entendre that's really an old joke "if I told you I wanted your body, would you hold it against me?" He he he indeed, but with the dance beat as hot as this, who cares. With Max Martin and Dr. Luke behind the studio dials, Spears has crafted her clubbiest single yet.

Avril Lavigne - What the Hell. Also returning with a new single this week is Avril Lavigne, who has been absent for almost 4 years now. It's not bad, but it's not a knockout. It's nod to retro-'60s-via-retro-'80s smacks of a repeat of what she did with "Girlfriend," a clear homage to Toni Basil's "Mickey." This adheres to that formula very closely. Like Britney's "Hold It Against Me" this is also co-produced by Max Martin, along with Shellback. The album, Goodbye Lullaby, is due in early March.

P!nk - F**kin' Perfect. For the second single from her fall greatest hits set, P!nk turns to a pretty rockin' ballad that should be another slam dunk for her. Oh, and as if he wasn't getting enough business, this is also produced by Max Martin (along with Shellback).

Grenade - Bruno Mars. This single gets its UK release this week and looks on track to be the #1 single this weekend. It's darker than "Just the Way You Are," and almost just as good. It is not produced by Max Martin, but rather by Mars himself along with two other guys.


rcLoy said...

Lovin' all the songs. Gah, I don't get the Brit song at 1st but after a few spin, I do. Love the gorgeous dubstep-ish breakdown.

ww_adh said...

Yeah it's great. Looking forward to Gaga about a month away.