Sunday, January 09, 2011

Get set for Britney's "Hold It Against Me"

The eradication of polio. The fall of the Berlin Wall. The second coming of Christ. Throughout history, humanity has anticipated many momentum events. Tomorrow, another such event will take place when Britney Spears releases a new single.

Okay, I suppose it's not that momentous, but for pop music lovers it's a pretty big deal. "Hold It Against Me" is the first single from her forthcoming untitled seventh album, due in March. It will become available tomorrow at midnight (I guess technically midnight is the beginning of Tuesday, but you get the idea). It will be available simultaneously to radio and consumers via iTunes in the US (its UK release is set for Feb. 21).

Spears revitalized her career in 2008-2009 with the album Circus and its big hit singles, most notably the international #1 smash "Womanizer." It was followed closely by a greatest hits set and another #1 hit, "3." Following such success, expectations for Spears' new album will be high, creating that difficult decision whether to repeat the sound from the last album or risk something different. Most likely, she'll try to walk a line between the two.

"Hold It Against Me" is produced by Max Martin, the Swedish producer responsible for many of Spears' early hits as well as the recent one "If U Seek Amy, and Dr. Luke, who produced "Circus." A demo of the song has leaked on the 'net, although Spears claims the real thing will be even better.


rcLoy said...

Definitely gonna be awesome since Max Martin is on board!

ww_adh said...

He is a really great producer. And pretty diverse too.

rcLoy said...

Ah, and it leaked few hours after I leave this comment. And I must say I'm not buying it so far. Need another 10 more spin so it can penetrate my brain for good.