Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Take That - Kidz

Take That announced today that the second single from Progress will by "Kidz." Although rumored to be the case, it was also rumored to be "S.O.S." Although I like both songs, I agree that "Kidz" is the better choice.

Here's a video from their track-by-track series that talks about the song. I love that they are making so much information available about the making of this album. Between the documentary and these newer track-by-track videos, there's lots of great insight about their creative process.


Paul said...

i'm quite pleased with Kidz but feel SOS might not actually get a release now. We'll see... great tune though

ww_adh said...

I hope they do more than 3 singles like they did for the last 2 albums. "Wait" would be a great single, but I wonder if they'll do "Eight Letters" since it's really the only ballad.