Monday, January 17, 2011

'Hold It Against Me' Red Hot

Britney's new single has taken the charts by storm unlike any other in recent memory. The track has been #1 at iTunes since its debut last Tuesday, and Billboard reported that it's expected to surpass 400,000 copies sold.

At top 40 radio, the song has just exploded. It's currently #16 with 4618 spins, all of that a gain of course, making it the biggest 1-week spin gain I've ever seen. It's daily spin gain of 700+ is bigger than the weekly spin gain of all but the five fastest growing tracks.

Clearly it will top the Billboard Hot 100 this week, giving Britney her fourth #1 and second single to debut in the top spot.


J.Mensah said...

How many Britney posts this month? haha! :) Only 3 years ago she was a "a car wreck" that "we know it isn't good to watch, but we can't help but do so." ¬_¬

ww_adh said...

She's made quite the comeback hasn't she? Good for her.