Monday, October 19, 2009

Alexandra Burke 'Overcome'

I'm really enjoying Alexandra Burke's debut album, Overcome. It's really great! Better than I expected. I'll do a full review soon. In addition to "Bad Boys," I'm really into "Good Night Good Morning," "All Night Long," "Bury Me," "Broken Heels," "Overcome," and "You Broke My Heart." Each those showcase a different pop style, and they all seem to suit her just fine. Of course the Leona comparisons are inevitable, and this is easily a vastly superior album to Spirit. It's certainly a lot more fun.


rcLoy said...

A superior album than Spirit? Wow, that's something coming from you, I think I gotta check it out soon since you and J kinda raved about it.

Chris B. said...

I know you like "Bad Boys," but it annoys me. Sorry.