Sunday, April 19, 2009

UK Singles Chart, 4/25/2009

1. I'm Not Alone - Calvin Harris

This week saw the physical releases of Lady GaGa's "Poker Face" and Beyonce's "Halo," which, back in the day would have signaled a massive chart battle. But in the age of the download, "Poker Face" has been out for quite awhile and already had its turn at #1, and "Halo" didn't get the expected bump from a physical release. In fact, this "bump" effect seems to be diminishing lately, which is to be expected as more people turn to downloads as their primary way of buying music. So it's yet another new release this week--Calvin Harris's "I'm Not Alone"--that remains at #1 a second week after having been available last week as a download.

2. In for the Kill - La Roux

Another indicator that the charts are different these days is the ability of singles to grow in popularity over time--climbing up the chart from their debut rather than debuting at their peak. Such is the case for La Roux, who debuted 4 weeks at #11 and have been climbing ever since. This week they're up two spots to #2, positing themselves as potential challengers to Calvin Harris's #1 throne next week.

5. Love Sex Magic - Ciara Featuring Justin Timberlake

"Love Sex Magic" climbs a notch to #5 this week, giving Ciara her fourth top 5 hit.

8. We Made You - Eminem

Eminem debuts at #8 with "We Made You," the second single from his upcoming fifth album. His last single, "Crack a Bottle," peaked at #4, which is pretty low considering that the first singles from The Marshall Mathers LP, The Eminem Show, and Encore were at #1 hits. Even his first single, "My Name Is" reached #2. "We Made You" is a more typically "Eminem sounding" track, so perhaps it will outshine "Crack a Bottle," as its still weeks away from a CD release.

10. Not Fair - Lily Allen

Speaking fo weeks away from a CD release, "Not Fair" cracks the top 10 this week on digital sales, giving Lily Allen her fifth top 10 hit.


Paul said...

it's an interesting point - do physical releases even matter anymore when people are quite happy to send songs to number one based on downloads alone? Lily Allen has done extremely well with Not Fair, Girls Aloud less so with Untouchable. We will have to wait and see whether their physical releases improve their fortunes.

ww_adh said...

They seem to matter less and less these days. I like the single version of Untouchable. It's nice to have a version that isn't 6 minutes long.