Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Singles Serving

Lady Gaga - Born This Way. Lady Gaga's new single has taken the world by storm as I expected it would. Tomorrow, it will become the 1,000th #1 hit in America. It will also debut at #6 on the Billboard Radio Songs chart, the highest a track has ever debuted on that chart, beating the #9 debut in 2001 by Janet Jackson's "All for You." It's an epic dance pop track, which is what you would expect. Some people are disparaging it for sounding like Madonna's "Express Yourself," which I think is silly because 1) I don't think think it sounds like "Express Yourself" and 2) even if it did, so what? "Express Yourself" was a great song...and so it this.

The Strokes - Under Cover of Darkness. The Strokes are getting ready to release their first album in 5 years. This sounds remarkably like anything they would have done in 2001 and that's probably a good thing, given that their popularity took a dive with their third album. I enjoy this song, but it's not a classic. It does have a nice guitar solo and a carefree feel.

Chromeo feat. Elly Jackson - Hot Mess. "Hot Mess" was not a standout track for me on Chromeo's Business Casual, but this new version with Elly Jackson of La Roux, which adds a new chorus with her vocals, is top notch synth pop. Really loving this single this week. It also fits right in with all the '80s music I've been listening to lately.

JLS feat. Tinie Tempah - Eyes Wide Shut. With this new single, JLS continues to prove the unfortunate fact that their music can be hit or miss. Last summer they released the pretty dreadful Sound of Music-inspired "The Club Is Alive," followed by the rather grand pop ballad "Love You More." Now we're back to mediocrity with this single, which sounds just like a slew of other upbeat synth-based, electro-tinged, dance-pop leaning, R&B-ish pop. When I try to recall in my mind what this song sounds like, I often end up with Chris Brown's "Yeah 3X" stuck in my head instead, since the songs are so interchangeable (and they're not even produced by the same person).

Black Eyed Peas - Just Can't Get Enough. I was expecting this to be another remake of Depeche Mode's classic single. Too bad that's not what we get with this tepid ballad. Yes, you heard me, ballad. Not what you usually get with BEP, but they try a slow song here, and it really isn't very interesting. Even the video game sound effects can't save it.

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