Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Glee Recap: "Comeback"

Sue tries to kill herself because she has nothing left to live for after the Cheerios lost their championship. Emma decides Sue should join the glee club to get over her funk. It doesn't seem to warm her heart, but then will takes her to a pediatric cancer ward so they can sing for sick kids. In the end though, Sue betrays New Directions to go coach a rival glee club.

Sam fears he's losing Quinn to Finn, so he turns to Justin Bieber for some musical inspiration. Intrigued by the apparent power of Justin Bieber to make girls swoon, the guys tell Sam they want to join his one-man Justin Bieber tribute band. At first, Quinn is taken, but then Santana intervenes and Sam decides to dump Quinn for Santana.

Rachel turns to Brittany to help her build her brand as she is focusing on her career and trying to forget about boys. Rachel gets Brittany to dress like her, but everyone just thinks Brittany is the trend-setter with a Teen Vogue fashion shoot while Rachel is still fashion-challenged. Rachel decides to write an original song (something I've been waiting for them to do for some time) to get her spark back.


Baby (Justin Bieber). Sam picks up a guitar for this acoustic rendition of the Canadian teen's biggest hit. He doesn't get much of it out before being mobbed by tween girls. He takes another stab at it in the rehearsal room in front of the Glee club. Sam pushes his hair forward in Justin Bieber style. Since Blaine came on the scene, I'd forgotten that Sam is pretty cute too.

Somebody to Love (Justin Bieber). Sam, Artie, Puck and Mike join up for this energetic, although minimally staged take on Bieber's second-biggest hit. Not sure why they are blowing chalk dust around. This is fun, but "Baby" was better.

Take Me or Leave Me (from "Rent"). Mercedes and Rachel have a "diva-off," which Sue manipulated into being. I don't care for the song and they seem to be duetting more than dueling. I guess that's the point, since at the end of the song they end up laughing and making up.

This Little Light of Mine (Harry Dixon Loes). Will on ukelele plus Sue and a group of cancer-stricken children makes for a nice moment.

I Know What Boys Like (The Waitresses). Is this Lauren's first song? I think it is, and she turns out a pretty sassy performance.

Sing (My Chemical Romance). Rachel and Finn kick it off and then everyone, including Sue--complete with plaid tracksuit--joins in.

As usual, the show is enjoyable, although I think this was definitely one of the season's weaker entries. Best line: (Rachel, describing her fashion sense) "Sexy schoolgirl librarian chic."


rcLoy said...

I kinda dig the Justin Bieber Experience performances. It's not too shabby and is it me or everyone seems to have a line these days? It's a good thing. Owh, can't stop laughing at BieberPuck! HAHAHA

Erin Q. Bieber said...

The chalk thing is from the actual video for that song. I didn't know that either when I saw the show but I watched the video yesterday. The Rachel and Mercedes thing was a waste of time--they probably have it in their contract that they get to sing each episode. I wanted more BIEBER!!!! Can we hire the Justin Bieber Experience for my 34th birthday party?