Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Glee - The Sue Sylvester Shuffle Recap/ Silly Love Songs Live Blog

Sue Sylvester Shuffle (Recap)

The Super Bowl episode of Glee was really great fun. It was designed to stand alone as a "hook" for new viewers. Although its audience was about a 75 percent drop from the game itself, the nearly 27 million viewers was almost twice the show's next biggest episodes. I like the football focus, the "Thriller/Heads Will Roll" mashup was epic, and Puck and Rachel sounded great singing Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now." The weakest link was...Sue. I hate to say it, but her character has run its course. It's always the same shtick.

Silly Love Songs (Live)

Oh dear. It's Valentine's Day and it looks like a lot of heartbreak is in the works. Puck is in love with the new plus-size girl Lauren, Finn has decided to give Quinn another try, even though she's dating Sam, and Blaine tells Kurt he's interested in a guy he hasn't known long, which of course Kurt assumes is him.

The Glee Chrevolet ad is fun. I assume it debuted on Sunday (I know the ads are a big deal, but we didn't really watch them. For that matter, we didn't really watch the game either. Just talked, and ate, and drank. Your typical Super Bowl party for those who don't like football).

Blaine asks The Warblers to serenade his new intended love. They hesitate, but Kurt (thinking he's the one) steps in and supports the idea. It's going to be at The Gap! Because the guy is a junior manager. Dun.dun.dun. Kurt is NOT happy.

"Fat Bottomed Girs" (Queen). The guys with Puck in the lead give a choir room rock performance that doubles as a serenade to Lauren. The performance lacks much pep, although Puck does look hot. It backfires though. Typical Puck.

Finn sets up a kissing booth to deal with all the girls that are throwing themselves at him. Sam is jealous that Finn and Quinn are getting closer and goads her into getting a kiss from him in the booth. Rachel pays for a kiss and gets mad when he gives it to her on the cheek. They fight a bit, but then he gives her a necklace, a present he was going to give her for Christmas before they broke up. It's a sweet moment that serves to close off their relationship...at least for now.

"P.Y.T." (Michael Jackson). Artie on vocal with Mike as backup dancer. This is pretty fun. I'm glad Artie's been getting to sing more lately (Kevin McHale was once in a boyband after all).

Lauren and Santana get into it over Puck. Too bad Glee already did "The Boy Is Mine." This would have been a good opportunity. Wow. Lauren throws Santana around like a rag doll.

"When I Get You Alone" (Robin Thicke). Blaine shows up in The Gap to serenade the junior manager who, frankly, isn't that cute, and doesn't seem that interested in Blaine (fool). Blaine is red hot. Interesting song choice. I've not heard this before. I like the Beethoven's Fifth interpolation.

Quinn and Finn meet after school in the auditorium for some hanky panky, although she says she won't dump Sam. Ooh! Doesn't Santana look hot as a candy strip(p)er. After figuring out that Finn and Quinn are up to something, she decides to seek revenge by trying to give Finn a communicable disease. Lauren agrees to date Puck. I can't imagine it will go well.

Kurt makes a bold move by confessing to Blaine that he was hoping Blaine was into him. Blaine tells him that he really cares about him, but he's worried he wouldn't be good to date. They don't get together, but they don't close off the possibility. Interesting.

"My Funny Valentine." Tina gets a rare solo. Can't say I'm a fan of this song. It sounds like a requiem. Then she starts crying. This isn't good at all.

Quinn and Finn both have mono. No surprise there. Now there's an ad for Quinn's movie, I Am Number Four, which looks awful. Adele should have not have agreed to let them use "Rolling in the Deep."

"Firework" (Katy Perry). Finn tells Rachel that he saw fireworks when he kissed Quinn but not when he kissed her. Rachel uses it as her inspiration for song selection. This is the second song performed this week by an artist who's song was used on Sunday. Did they get a two for one deal? Rachel sounds great on this. I like the song, but Perry's always sounded a bit shrill. Lea Michele doesn't as much.

"Silly Love Songs" (Paul McCartney & Wings). Kurt throws a "Lonely Hearts" dinner at Breadstix. Blaine and the Warblers give a fun rendition of the classic love song. Santana has her eye on Sam now it seems. But that's a future story.

Best Line: (Santana) "I've had mono so many times it turned into stereo."


John said...

"When I Get You Alone" is a shoulda-been hit for Robin when he was simply known as Thicke. MTV really pushed the video when it came out, and it never caught on. I was really surprised when Robin Thicke got a second shot at success and it actually stuck.

ww_adh said...

I remember hearing about "Thicke" but not really knowing what it was until later. It's a cool song. Overall thought, I didn't think the musical numbers in this episode were that strong.

rcLoy said...

I'm in love with Thriller/Heads Will Roll mashup. It's so refreshing especially when you cover a well known MJ song! I must say all the Glee's mashup doesn't disappoint. And I'm bummed about the the Kurt/Blaine situation, but there's gotta be more storyline to them right?

ww_adh said...

The allusion to When Harry Met Sally would definitely suggest so.

KishlockKiz said...

"When I Get You Alone" was HUGE in Uzbekistan in 2003, oddly.