Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Adele Makes Chart History

I didn't realize when I recapped the UK singles chart on Sunday that Adele had actually made chart history by becoming the only living artist to simultaneously have two top 5 singles and two top 5 albums. On the singles chart, her "Someone Like You" made a dramatic leap to #1 from #47 (the second-biggest leap to #1), while her last single, "Rolling in the Deep," climbed a notch to #4. Meanwhile, on the albums chart, her new album 21 spent a fourth week at #1, while her 2008 album, 19, climbed two spots to #4.

John Lennon was the last artist to have such a double chart double. In the weeks after his death in 1980, his album, Double Fantasy, quickly shot to the top of the chart. In the week of February 7, 1981, it was #1, while Lennon's 1971 album, Imagine, was #5. On the singles chart, The Double Fantasy release "Woman" was #1, while the "Imagine" single was #5. Interesting that in both cases, the albums and singles occupied the same chart positions--1 and 4 for Adele, and 1 and 5 for John Lennon.

Here's a clip of Adele's lovely Brit Awards performance of "Someone Like You."

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