Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Glee Recap: "Blame It on the Alcohol"

A scourge of underage drinking at McKinley High sets the stage for this week's episode.

Rachel begins her effort at songwriting, giving Finn a preview (and a hug...aww. Can they get back together? They are so cute). After Finn convinces her to do a little living, Rachel decides to throw a party while her dads are away on the Rosie O'Donnell cruise. Rachel serves wine coolers at the party and all of her guests seem...bored. Puck convinces her to turn up the music and break into the liquor cabinet, which leads to some real high school debauchery.

Blaine gives Rachel a surprisingly sensual kiss during "spin the bottle" and then duets with her, but wakes up in Kurt's bed the next morning. The next day she calls Blaine and asks him on a date and he says yes. It annoys Kurt, but Blaine finds it all quite confusing as he considers he might be bisexual. Rachel later tells Kurt that she really enjoyed the date, relating that they saw Love Story and dressed up like the characters. Kurt tells her this is really "gay," but she perseveres and declares that she will kiss him sober and see if the spark is still there.

Will, upset over his recent divorce and Emma's marriage, dons a cowboy hat and goes out with Bieste for a night of drinking and karaoke at a honky-tonk. This sets up a fun musical number, but is otherwise a throwaway scene. Bieste takes a rather inebriated Will home, who tells her it was the most fun he'd had in a really long time. He then proceeds to keep drinking, grades some papers (A+ for everyone) and then drunk calls Emma. Or at least he thought it was Emma; apparently it was really Sue.

At an anti-alcohol assembly, a cop shows slides of alcohol-related accidents, while backstage the glee club gets drunk, making a mess of their "Tik Tok" performance. Afterward, Sue gets on the P.A. system and plays Will's drunk voice message for the whole school. In the end though, Principal Figgins congratulates the group, thinking their on-stage drunkenness was an act to scare the school straight, which they apparently did. Despite the happy ending, Will is really unhappy about the club's antics, chews them out for drinking at school and vows that he will stop drinking and makes them pledge that they won't drink too.

Rachel and Kurt go to the coffee shop to ambush Blaine. Rachel walks up to him and plants a kiss on him, to which Blaine declares that he's 100% gay and thanks Rachel for clearing it up. Rachel is ecstatic though, since she now has good songwriting material.


My Headband (original) - Rachel. Rachel's lyrics need some work, for sure, rhyming a lot of words without much feeling. Finn gives her an honest critique and she agrees it needs work.

Don't You Want Me (The Human League) - Blaine and Rachel. Blaine apparently has the hots for Rachel now. Nice to hear Rachel singing some '80s dance pop. They sound pretty good together actually.

Blame It (Jamie Foxx ft. T-Pain) - Glee Cast. I'm not generally a fan of this song, but they have fun with it.

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer (Amos Milburn) - Will & Bieste. Musically this episode is all over the map: British '80s new wave pop, followed by American '00 R&B and then old, old, old country. This is Dot-Marie Jones' first Glee musical performance.

Tik Tok (Ke$ha) - Glee Cast. The kids do a rather energetic, Brittany-led rendition of the dance pop hit. Pretty fun, although clearly a very inappropriate choice that ends with Brittany and Santana puking on stage.

Best line: (Principal Figgins, referencing Ke$ha): "Performing the hit single from kee-dollar sign-ha..."


rcLoy said...

Kee-dolla-sign-ha! I guess great minds think alike. LOL.

I'm lovin' the Blame It On The Alcohol performance, so much swag, so much attitude. Puck is driving me insane with his persona. *squeel*

Oh' it's nice to see Blaine in something other than the uniform~ :D

ww_adh said...

I agree about Blaine. I hear he's becoming a regular next season, which is really great news.