Sunday, March 13, 2011

UK Singles Chart, March 19, 2011

1. Someone Like You - Adele

Adele continues to dominate the British charts, maintaining #1 on the singles and albums chart this week, plus also seeing "Someone Like You" climb to the top of the airplay chart. This is the single's fourth week at #1. No single spent as long at #1 last year. Lily Allen's "The Fear" was the last single to spend 4 weeks at the top, doing so in early 2009.

2. Price Tag - Jessie J feat. B.o.B
3. S&M - Rihanna
4. Born This Way - Lady Gaga

It's a static top 4 this week, as these other female artists hold their ground. Adele's other current hit, "Rolling in the Deep," falls out of the top 5 to #9.

5. Black & Yellow - Wiz Khalifa

The recent US #1 makes its UK bow at #5, giving Wiz Khalifa his first top 10 hit.

11. I Need a Doctor - Dr. Dre feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey

Dr. Dre climbs four notches to #11, close to the top 10. Will it continue to climb?

16. What the Hell - Avril Lavigne

This single's been bouncing around in the 20s the last few weeks, but spikes up to #16 this week, up 9 places.

19. L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. - Noah & The Whale

This single has been bouncing around in the 30s and looked like it was going to fall off the chart before rebounding to #30 last week and now up 11 spots to spend its first week in the top 20. The group hit #7 a few years ago with the single "5 Years Time."

20. Heart on My Sleeve - Olly Murs

The law of diminishing returns strikes pop acts hard this week. First up is Olly Murs, who hit #1 with his first single, "Please Don't Let Me Go," and then #4 with its follow-up, "Thinking of Me," but barely manages to brush the top 20 with his third. What do you bet there isn't a fourth single from the album unless it's paired with something new?

21. Till the World Ends - Britney Spears

Britney enters the top 40 at #21 with her new single "Till the World Ends," which debuted at #55 last week on its partial-week sales, after having been released on the previous Friday. #21 isn't very good for an artist who should be hitting the top 10, although a look at her record shows that Spears has been struggling a bit on the UK singles chart lately. Many of her recent singles have charted quite a bit higher in the US than in the UK--a reversal from mid '00s, where the situation was quite the opposite.

27. Just Can't Get Enough - Black Eyed Peas

The latest from Will, Fergie and crew debuts at #27. I imagine this will be climbing. Most of their recent singles were #1 hits.

35. That's the Truth - McFly

Another pop act suffering the law of diminishing returns, as McFly's third single from their fifth album charts at a rather measly #35. Their previous low-water mark was the #18 peak of "Do Ya," the third (and last) single from their previous album. All 17 of their other singles were top 10 hits.

So, will this be Adele's last week at #1? The Wanted have a new single out that's from their recent album and it's a tie-in with the Comic Relief charity effort.

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