Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Glee "Original Song"

It's regionals, which means a songs-heavy episode. Despite that, this week managed to pack in quite a bit of story too, including the birth of a new romance between two key characters.

Kurt confronts Blaine about the fact that the latter gets every Warblers solo--a fact many viewers have commented on, so it's nice to see the show acknowledge it. Kurt's parakeet dies, putting him in a sad mood, but also empowering him to demand the chance for a solo. Later, Blaine convinces the Warblers that he and Kurt should have a duet in the regionals set list. Afterward, when they're alone, Blaine confesses to Kurt that the reason he chose Kurt to duet with is that he's finally realized that he has feelings for Kurt too and it's an excuse to spend more time together. The two kiss and Kurt looks over the moon. (!!!!)

Quinn begins strategizing about how she'll ensure that she and Finn can be prom queen and king. She decides she needs to get close to Rachel, so when Rachel proposes again that they should sing original songs at regionals (after My Chemical Romances sends them a "cease and desist" letter against using "Sing"), Quinn sides with Rachel and convinces every else that they need original songs. The two decide they will write a song together.

The New Directions kids audition their various original songs for the group, although none really rise to occasion. Mercedes comes close, but it's not quite right. Mr. Schuester encourages the kids to channel their anger over all the mean things Sue Sylvester does to them and they come up with the title "Loser Like Me." After having pretended to be her friend, Quinn admits to Rachel that she isn't her friend, that she knows she and Finn are meant to be married and have a family and that Rachel is standing in the way. Rachel, however, refuses to give up on Finn and goes off to finally write a good original song, "Get It Right."

Oral Intensity and The Warblers both perform good sets before New Directions takes the stage with their original songs. They win over the crowd and the judges--they're going to nationals! Sue slugs the woman who made the announcement, which wasn't funny and was actually rather disturbing.

The episode was good, but not great. It felt anticlimactic. I'm glad Kurt and Blaine got together, although that means the "will they/won't they" tension is gone.


Misery (Maroon 5) - The Warblers feat. Blaine. Starting off with a song this time. I wonder why they didn't do this a cappella? As much as I like The Warblers, having them singing in school in their uniforms isn't interesting anymore.

Only Child (Rachel) - Rachel. Three minutes into the episode and already on song #2. It's Rachel's first stab at an original song. It's still, but the lyric "I'm the only Berry on my family tree" is a cute line.

Blackbird (The Beatles)- The Warblers feat. Kurt. Nice to hear Kurt sing. Seems like it's been awhile. He sounds great over this acoustic guitar-backed classic. Love it.

Troutie Mouth (Santana--The character, not the Latin rock guitarist) - Santana. Santana turns out a sassy, sexy vocal that amounts to a major put down about Sam's big lips.

Big Ass Heart (Puck) - Puck. Puck's song is a soulful rocker that he dedicates to Lauren in hopes that it makes up for "Fat Girl."

Hell to the No (Mercedes) - Mercedes. Mercedes' original song, one of the three commercially available, is a pretty old school R&B number complete with a modern rap bridge. Pretty fun stuff.

Jesus Is a Friend of Mine (Sonseed) - Oral Intensity. Sue's glee club has flashy choreography and a snappy, albeit conservatively themed, tune.

Candles (Hey Monday) - The Warblers feat. Kurt & Blaine. Not a song I'm familiar with, but it's fun to see these guys duet with the backing of their immensely talented glee club.

Raise Your Glass (P!nk) - The Warblers feat. Blaine. New Directions has their original loser anthem coming up, but this is a tried and true one. It's fun and the crowd loves it, but it doesn't quite rise to "Teenage Dream" quality.

Get it Right (Rachel) - New Directions feat. Rachel. Rachel's solo is a quality piano pop ballad. Although "Loser Like Me" will get more attention, this song is nice too. Rachel does a good job with it too.

Loser Like Me (New Directions) - New Directions feat. Rachel & Finn. New Directions turns out a high-energy performance of their big number. It's a fun song, although it doesn't quite become the moment I was hoping it would be.


Paul said...

Darren Criss continues to be the saviour of Glee - Misery and RYG were both brilliant and outshone the Loser Like Me finale... Is it wrong that i'm now routing for the warblers? They seem to deconstruct the songs and rebuild around their harmonies much better than the karaoke covers the Glee squad turn out...

PS Blaine can do so much better than Kurt or that guy from the Gap!!

ww_adh said...

Criss is becoming a regular next season apparently. Probably a good decision, although I hope they find a way to integrate Kurt and Blaine back with the rest of the kids. I'm tired of Kurt being away from them. BTW--I think you'll appreciate this weekend's Essential '80s Album pick.

kPg said...

I just ranked Glee's 4 competition performances. I judged in terms of costume, choreography, vocal performance, and overall impact. Whew, it was really hard for me! See which sectionals or regionals episode placed first!

Bryon said...

Do you know that Glee songs are one of the most downloaded songs on all of iTunes, with five songs in the top 25 downloads in the Fall of 2010? I’m not surprised the way people watch the show, considering it dethroned “Two and a Half Men” starting in December last year. The announcement that “World War Sue” will be starting was intriguing and I expect a huge evil season finale. I was catching up on episodes on dishnetwork.com when I realized that even though I’m an employee I didn’t know there are over 3,000 movies to watch and some are free. Only 2 more episodes until the end of the year.