Thursday, March 03, 2011

Billboard Hot 100, March 12, 2011

1. Born This Way - Lady Gaga

A lot of upward moment on the chart this week, although the top 3 remains the same, giving Lady Gaga a third albeit non-bulleted week at #1 with "Born This Way." That matches the 3 weeks she spent at #1 with her first single, "Just Dance," so if it can manage another week, it will become her longest-running #1. Although its sales have slacked, it's still #1 at iTunes, and after waning a bit after its initial onslaught, its airplay has picked up significantly again, so a fourth is definitely possible.

2. Fuck You!/Forget You - Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo holds at #2, earning this week's Airplay Gainer. If there's a threat to Gaga remaining #1 next week, it's this.

4. F**kin' Perfect - P!nk

Pink returns to the top 5 this week, up two spots. This single reached a #2 peak 4 weeks ago, but has been rebounding due to continued growth at radio.

5. S&M - Rihanna

S&M climbs two spots to #5, becoming Rihanna's 13th top 5 hit. This makes Loud her only album to score three consecutive top 5 singles. Although Good Girl Gone Bad had four top 5ers, they were not consecutive and in fact two of them didn't exist on the original release of the album.

8. E.T. - Katy Perry (feat. Kanye West)

Katy Perry makes a nice 20-spot leap to #8 with "E.T.," the fourth Teenage Dream single and fourth to reach the top 10 (the previous three were all #1 hits). The occasion is the release of the single version of this song, a new mix that features rapper Kanye West. This is Perry's 7th top 10 hit.

9. On the Floor - Jennifer Lopez (feat. Pitbull)

After having two singles fail to reach the top 100, Jennifer Lopez must feel good about seeing her latest debut within the top 10! From 1999 to 2003, J.Lo was a hot pop music property. But as her movie career soured, so too did her pop career, and prior to this, her last top 10 hit was as a guest on LL Cool J's "Control Myself" in 2006. Recent singles "Fresh Out of the Oven" and "Louboutins" were #1 dance hits, but failed to crack the Hot 100. Revitalized by her popular turn as a judge on American Idol and blessed with a pretty decent song this time around (as well as Pitbull, a man who recently contributed to the Enrique Iglesias comeback), she manages to score her 10th top 10 hit.

11. Blow - Ke$ha

Ke$ha makes a remarkable 21-spot jump to #11 this week, almost scoring another top 10 hit. Credit this to a big sales boost this week.

13. Rolling the Deep - Adele

Adele makes a nice 13-spot jump to #13, making "Rolling in the Deep" her biggest-charting US hit yet. Her album, 21, is #1 on the Billboard 200 this week.

31. All of the Lights - Kanye West (feat. Rihanna)

The song from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy that I think has the best chance of being a major hit finally reaches the top 40. Despite its universal acclaim, West's fifth album is so far his only one to not score a top 10 hit.


Chri$ B. said...

P!nk, Ke$ha - I don't like all this creativity in the spelling of pop stars' names.

rcLoy said...

WOo hoo! Go Adele! :D
How you likin' JLo new song? I'm already sick of it :/

ww_adh said...

Don't you mean C#R!$ B? It is a bit silly, but I don't mind it. I used to make fun of Kesha (or KÉ™$#@).

The new JLo song is okay. I'm not sick of it, but I'm not in love with it either.