Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Glee, "Sexy"

Holly Holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow) returns and Emma Pilsbury finally gets some screen time as the schools new mascot for celibacy. Since Paltrow teaches sex ed, this puts them at odds with Will in the middle, who of course is sexually interested in both of them.

Santana invites Brittany over for a make-out session but the latter confides that she thinks she's pregnant, which quickly spreads all over school including to her boyfriend, Artie. Although it turns out she only thinks so because a stork is building a nest outside her window. Oh Brittany.

Holly convinces Will that his Glee club is particular devoid of accurate knowledge about sex, so she volunteers to come by and explain the birds and the bees rather graphically.

Sue shows up at Kurt and Blaine's coffee shop to give them "intel" on New Directions' new push to be sexy. Although Kurt is skeptical, Blaine appears to fall for her encouragement to get the Warblers to do something sexy. He arranges a performance for a girls' prep school choir to see if they are sexy enough. Kurt struggles with being sexy, so Blaine tries to coach him, but Kurt doesn't want to hear about sex. Blaine goes to Kurt's father and tries to get him to talk to Kurt about sex. Kurt's father gives Kurt some pamphlets to read but also talks with him about intimacy and how scary that can be. It's a surprisingly honest discussion. What a great moment.

Emma and Carl confide to Holly that even though they've been married 4 months they haven't had sex yet. Holly and Carl ask Emma if she's in love with Will and she confesses that she's unsure, although Carl indicates he's moving out of the house until she figures it out.

Brittany and Santana turn to Holly to discuss their same-sex attraction, which leads them to later sing a song together. It helps Santana figure out that she's more than just physically attracted to Brittany--that she actually feels something deeper for her and isn't really interested in the guys. But Brittany decides to stand by Artie and a tearful Santana refuses to be consoled.

Will and Holly's tango makes him hot under the collar but she rebuffs his advances. When it comes time for Holly's sub duty to end she changes her mind and gives Will a goodbye kiss with the prospect of more to follow.

This was a great episode--the best in weeks. Gwyneth Paltrow was fantastic, there were lots of funny lines, the subject matter was topical and well-handled, particularly Kurt's fathers talk with his gay son about sex. Santana finally showed some humanity and the songs were all pretty good too.


Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) (Joan Jett) - Holly Holiday. Gwenyth...I mean Holly...works some pretty awesome leather pants in this rockin' sexy number. I hope she continues to come by. She's a great guest star.

Animal (Neon Trees) - Blaine, Kurt & the Warblers. Fun to see them do something isn't a capella for a change. And also nice to Kurt get a co-lead with Blaine, who always seems to get the Warblers solos.

Kiss (Prince) - Will & Holly. Mr. Schue and Ms. Holiday turn Prince's classic '80s hit into a sexy tango. They look great, but who are all these other dancers? Can't the kids tango?

Landslide (Fleetwood Mac) - Holly with Santana and Brittany. Holly grabs a guitar and does a nice, soulful rendition of this classic.

Afternoon Delight (Starland Vocal Band) - Emma, Puck, Quinn, Rachel and Carl. Emma thinks the song is about sneaking an extra dessert in the middle of the afternoon. She's almost as clueless as Brittany.

Best line (Holly): Sex--it's just like hugging, only wetter.


rcLoy said...

The Kurt and Burt talk is just freaking fantastic. I love how they approach it in such clear and universal way since love is universal. This show freaking rocks for dealing with all this issue. One of the best moments in TV this year, definitely.

And it was nice to see Klaine pairing after the Xmas episode, we need more of that! And who would have thought Santana is feeling something for Brittany? This is getting more and more interesting! Glee freakin rocks!

ww_adh said...

There were lots of great moments. It will be interesting to see how the Santana story plays out. I like how she rejects the idea of being labeled. It's an interesting contrast to Kurt's insistence a couple weeks ago that Blaine claim a gay identity.