Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This and That

Sugababes' 7th album Sweet 7 came out yesterday, and its looking to be the first Sugababes album I don't buy. The reviews are not great, the singles have been ho-hum--they aren't what they used to be--quite literally actually. Such a shame. Last week walking home one day I was listening to their 2003 album, Three, and thinking about how many great album tracks it had that would have been great singles--"Million Different Ways," "Conversation's Over," "Whatever Makes You Happy." How far they have fallen.

Making up for this bit of sadness are the tracks I've heard from Goldfrapp's new album out next week, Head First. I'm really enjoying what I hear, and I think this will make up for Seventh Tree, which was okay, but not as good as any of their prior albums.

Apparently, "Talk Me Down," isn't going to be Westlife's next single. Too bad. There isn't anything on the new release calendar from that at the moment. This is very strange. "What About Now" was a #2 hit and hang around the chart for quite awhile. So why isn't their album being promoted?

Kelly Clarkson's "All I Ever Wanted" just entered the pop radio top 50. I was concerned it was going to flop, as I'd have expected it to show up by now. My fears are thankfully for naught, as it rockets up from #82 to #50. Should be in the top 40 next week.


A1 said...

what happened to the new chart?

John said...

I'm surprised Clive and Co have hung in there as long as they have with Kelly, but this is perfect timing to get her on a results episode of "Idol", eh?

Paul said...

I'm not happy with the lack of promotion for the Westlife album. They initially said they were going to work this one and release 4-5 singles from it. Personally I would have gone with Shadows, but time is ticking away now... :/

J.Mensah said...

"The reviews are not great" is an understatement, I haven't seen so many negative reviews since Chris 'Beat U Down' Brown's "album" last year :/

ww_adh said...

Oh my god!! How nice to get comments from all four of you. Thank you!

A1 - You saw that! It was a mistake. I generally write my chart on Tuesday or Wednesday, but I don't post it until Friday. I was putting it in and forgot to change the post date.

John - Yes yes yes! And "All I Ever Wanted" is a great song. I hope it's another top 10 hit. I'm glad she turned thing around after the last album.

Paul - Me neither! Although I don't have this album, I always buy Westlife singles, so I'm bummed there may not be many more for the time being.

J.Mensah - I bet they call it quits after this. A wrap-up greatest hits set and they're done.