Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Glee "Britney/Brittany"

This week's episode of Glee was frothy fun as the show pays tribute to pop starlet Britney Spears. The episode was light on plot and heavy on musical numbers, particularly dance numbers, many of which were inspired by nitrous-induced hallucinations as characters visited the dentist, Emma's new boyfriend, played by a delectable John Stamos. We learned that Brittany's name is "Brittany S. Pears," and although she, as well as Will, were reluctant to perform Britney, eventually they let loose and unleash "Toxic" during the homecoming assembly, which, in Sue's words, leads to a "Britney Spears sex riot." Britney herself showed up a few times, although only in the fantasy sequences, and she didn't sing.

I'm a Slave 4 U (Brittany) - Brittany kicks off the Britney fest when she goes to the dentist. This gives Heather Morris the first of several chances to show off her dance credentials, as she moves through a smorgasbord of Britney's best looks, including the skin-tight red suit from "Oops!" and the yellow snake from MTV.

Me Against the Music (Brittany and Santana) - Brittany and Santana visit the dentist together for this fantastic remake of the original video, with Brittany in the Britney role (she really does look an awful lot like Britney Spears) and Santana doing Madonna.

...Baby One More Time (Rachel) - In a move to be sexier for Finn, Rachel flies her own Britney flag in this, another video remake. It's also quite fun, although if I had to choose, I think I enjoyed "Me Against the Music" better.

Stronger (Boys) - Staged on the football field in full gear, this was probably the least interesting of tonight's numbers. Britney's music is just not cut out for the dudes.

Toxic (Full Cast) - The kids and Will team up for this homecoming assembly performance, dressed in classy Broadway black and white with suspenders and little black hats. I liked the musical performance of this best, since they messed with the arrangement a bit, turning the guitar riff in a vocal trill.

The Only Exception, Paramore (Rachel) - The only non-Britney number is an excuse for some romantic montages between Rachel and Finn and unrequited romance between Will and Emma. I'm really enjoying the Rachel/Finn romance. I hope it lasts. It's a really sweet storyline.


rcLoy said...

I have to say I am not a big fan of Rachel's Baby One More Time and The Only Exception. Lack the oomph, it seems kinda bland in comparison to both the original version. I Love Toxic though, hotness!

J.Mensah said...

Apparently 17 million people watched this. WOW!

A1 said...

not as good as last week!

J.Mensah said...

Oh! scratch that, 13.3 million watched it.

ww_adh said...

It was a fun episode musicwise, although not much happened storywise. 13.3 million is still really good. That's probably among their biggest audiences.

Paul said...

I'm going to come across as really grumpy and moody now, but i hated this episode. The songs were really shoe horned it, it felt like it got even further away from it's original Glee club premise by having mini videos throughout the show (under the sketchy premise of they were all under the dentist's gas despite having the most perfectly white teeth this side of simon Curtis), the "issues" (Artie on the football team, lifting weights) came across as a mockery rather than being inspiring, the sex riot?! Oh it was all just so yuck. Told you I was being grumpy. Toxic was quite good as was the bittersweet relief that came once it had ended. Oh and Sue's line "you have more vests than the cast of Blossom" was a corker!