Sunday, February 28, 2010

UK Singles Chart, March 6, 2010

1. In My Head - Jason DeRulo

Exciting week on the British singles chart. Leading the pack is American R&B singer Jason DeRulo with his second single "In My Head." Most of the week, it looked like the song at #2 would top the chart, but on Friday the tables turned and DeRulo edged head. His first single, "Whatcha Say," hit #3 and also topped the US Billboard Hot 100, where "In My Head" is currently #9.

2. You Got the Dirtee Love - Florence + The Machine feat. Dizzee Fascal

So "FloDizz" holds at #2 with "You Got the Dirtee Love," the mashup of "You Got the Love" and "Dirtee Cash." It's sort of meta isn't it? A mashup of remakes, one of which was originally a mashup itself.

3. Rude Boy - Rihanna

Rihanna climbs 3 spots to #3, scoring her 12th top 5 hit. It's just one notch short of her last single, "Russian Roulette," which hit #2. "Rude Boy" is massively more radio friendly, so I expect this one to stick around awhile, in addition to becoming a big hit in the US.

4. Starry Eyed - Ellie Goulding

The winner of the BBC Sounds of 2010 sees her first single proper debut at #4, a pretty decent showing for her first stop out of the gate and much better than the first single from last year's winner, Little Boots, who missed the top 10. Her album, Lights, is out tomorrow. Here's how the other Sounds Of poll winners fared with their first singles since winning that honor:

2009 - Little Boots: "New in Town" #13
2008 - Adele: "Chasing Pavements" #2
2007 - Mika: "Grace Kelly" #1
2006 - Corinne Bailey Rae: "Put Your Records On" #2
2005 - The Bravery: "An Honest Mistake" #7
2004 - Keane: "Somewhere Only We Know" #3
2003 - 50 Cent: "In Da Club" #3

7. Wear My Kiss - Sugababes

Sugababes debut at #7 with their latest single "Wear My Kiss." It's the third single released in advance of their upcoming album, Sweet 7, pushed back several times, most notably for re-recording after the fall departure of Keisha Buchanan. It's their third single in a row to make the top 10, following "Get Sexy" (#2) and "About a Girl" (#8), meaning Sweet 7 will be released with 3 top 10s under its belt--a feat the Sugababes haven't achieved since three albums ago with Taller in More Ways. Sales have surely been driven by the fact that the album is unavailable, but still I remain a bit stunned by the continued interest in what I see as their blandest period musically.

9. Everybody Hurts - Helping Haiti

Big drop for this, down 8 spots after 2 weeks at #1.

10. One Shot - JLS

Fully released "One Shot" fails to achieve a third #1 hit for JLS. In fact the arrival of the physical single manages to elevate it 4 spots to #10. Four weeks ago, the single peaked at #6.

11. Parachute - Cheryl Cole

This isn't fully released until March 15. Surely a future top 5 hit for Cheryl Cole, as "Parachute" climbs 8 more notches to #11 this week.

12. The Opposite of Adults - Chiddy Bang

This cleverly titled cover of MGMT's "Kids" manages to out-chart its source material by 4 notches, debuting at #12. I don't know anything about this group; according to its MySpace page its a hip-hop duo from Philadelphia. In the absence of the MGMT sample, would anyone care?

13. Hollywood - Marina & The Diamonds

Nice rebound for Marina this week, up 9 spots to #13, just one spot shy of the single's #12 peak.

14. I Got You - Leona Lewis

Sophomore slump seems to have hit Leona Lewis, who sees her second album's second single "I Got You" miss the top 10 this week, as it climbs 26 notches to #14 upon its CD single release. This is a great single--should have been top 10.

26. Blah Blah Blah - Ke$ha feat. 3Oh!3

Interesting that this isn't charting higher, as she's really blown up in the US. It's up 4 spots to #26 and the CD release is out tomorrow.

29. Hole in My Heart - Alphabeat

The Danish pop act, whose second album gets its UK release tomorrow, scores their 5th top 40 hit; however, it is their lowest-charting to date, falling below previous low mark "The Spell," their last single, which peaked at #20.

35. Gravity - Pixie Lott

Here comes Pixie Lott with her brilliant fourth single "Gravity." It's probably my favorite from her so far. Radio is really behind this one--it shoots up from #56 to #5 on the UK airplay chart this week. But being the fourth single, will retail follow? We'll see. This one gets its CD release on March 8.

38. Resistance - Muse

21st top 40 hit for Muse, besting last single "Undisclosed Desires," which missed the top 40 when it peaked at #39.

Next week--Can Jason DeRulo hold on for a second week? Or will Boyzone score their first #1 hit in 11 years.


rcLoy said...

Leona, Alphabeat should chart wayyyy higher~
Yay for Ellie! That song is amazingly delicious to my ears.

J.Mensah said...

I bed you almost anything, Tinie Tempah will be #1 next week. Really loving his new song "Pass Out."

Paul said...

I agree with RC. Leona and Alphabeat should be higher, and it saddens me that i'm not surprised that i'm not. Tinie will probably be number one next week which shows how out of touch I am with "the kids"!

ww_adh said...

Between Tinie Tempah (Tiny Temper?) and Wiley, British hip-hop is making a big showing this week. Looks like "Rude Boy's" been gaining through the week though. Could Rihanna be a weekend challenger for #1?