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UK Chart Analysis - The Christmas Chart, 12/25/2005

Winner of this year's The X Factor, Shayne Ward nabs Christmas #1 with over 700,000 copies of his debut single, "That's My Goal," sold.

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1. "That's My Goal" - Shayne Ward

Really no contest for this year's Christmas #1. Before this single was even recorded, titled, maybe even written, it was predicted to be Christmas #1 as soon as it was announced that the winner of Britain's The X Factor talent contest would release his/her/their single Monday. As Shayne Ward was crowned winner of the contest last Saturday night, the honor of 2005 Christmas #1 was assumed to be his. The record company rushed out 750,000 copies, not available in shops until Wednesday. Of course, the two extra days did nothing to help the other contenders, and Shayne Ward is Christmas #1 for 2005, with a decent, albeit cliched pop track. Cheers to Shayne!

2. "JCB Song" - Nizlopi

Nizlopi is a distant runner-up with what was last week's surprise #1 about a 5 year-old boy running around with his dad on their tractor. Sweet, but couldn't possibly compete with The X Factor.

3. "Fairytale of New York" - The Pogues Featuring Kirsty MacColl

A third re-release for The Pogues' Christmas single means another spell in the top 10. First released in 1987, it was Christmas #2 that year. A 1991 re-release saw the track climb only to #36, so if you like the track (which I don't particularly) then you'll be happy that this time it's almost up to its original peak.

5. "When I'm Gone" - Eminem

Eminem earns his 16th straight top 10 UK hit this week with "When I'm Gone," from his greatest hits collection, Curtain Call. It's been rumored to be his last single, although I expect he will release "Shake That," already out in the U.S. at radio. Given that he's had six #1 hits, this would've been a strong Christmas #1 contender if it hadn't been for The X Factor. That it was beaten also by the Pogues should disappoint the blond rapper a bit, but perhaps he should also point the blame at himself, for releasing something that simply rehashes the same story we've been getting from him for years now, while not offering anything new. Disappointing for him and for us.

9. "See The Day" - Girls Aloud

It doesn't look like Chemistry is going to produce a #1 single, as its third track becomes its lowest-charting. It's a decent ballad for the group, but not the best from the album, which is about as much fun as you can have listening to a record. At #9, "See The Day" becomes their lowest-charting single overall.

10. "Talk" - Coldplay

Coldplay is an albums artist who also happens to release great singles. They've never had a #1, but since first having a top 10 hit in 2000 with "Yellow"their subsequent 7 singles have also made top 10. "Talk" is the third release from X&Y, just beat out by James Blunt to be the second best-selling album of 2005. It's a brilliant track--my personal favorite from the album--and effectively samples Kraftwerk's "Computer Love." Now, the big question is, will Coldplay dare release a fourth X&Y Single, as they have yet to have a fourth single from an album.

11. "Goodbye My Lover" - James Blunt

James Blunt just misses out on having a top 10 hit with his fourth release from Back to Bedlam, the year's biggest album. It's an improvement over his last single though; "High" managed only to get to #16. It's a beautiful ballad, even more downkey than his massive #1 "You're Beautiful."

On the albums side of things, not much going on. Eminem is #1 for a fourth week, while James Blunt moves up to #2. No new entries or even old entries moving back into the top 10.

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