Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Singles Reviews, 12/13/2005

"JCB Song" - Nizlopi (4/5)

Well this is a sweet little song. I'd never heard about Nizlopi until this track started showing up on lists as a possible contender for Christmas #1. For those that don't know, a JCB is a kind of tractor, and the song is about the singer thinking back to when he was a boy riding around on the JCB with his Dad, instead of being in school. It's a gentle ballad of a song that starts slow and kicks into a folksy upbeat section near the end. The singer sounds kind of like the guy from Counting Crows (but British). (12/12)

"See The Day" - Girls Aloud (3.5/5)

I want to like Girls Aloud. I hear their album, Chemistry is fab (and I'll probably order it next week), but for some reason, their singles this year have all fallen short of what I expect. "Wake Me Up" was the weakest link from What Will The Neighbours Say, "Long Hot Summer" didn't generate the heat it should've, and "Biology" ultimately got me, but it took awhile. This torchy ballad is again decent (like all their other stuff), but it's not as good as last year's ballad, "I'll Stand By You." I say Sugababes are still winning the race for coolest Brit girl group of the moment.

"Cash Machine" - Hard-Fi (4.5/5)

If you haven't heard Hard-Fi yet, it's high time you pick up their album, Stars of CCTV, as it is fabulous. Similar vein to The Killers/Franz Ferdinand/Kaiser Chiefs, and just as good. "Cash Machine" has a good retro swagger to it and just enough attitude to make it enjoyable. Great track.

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