Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Single review: Shayne Ward - "That's My Goal" (3/5)

So, for weeks its been on the upcoming release schedule as "The X-Factor Winner," and now finally we have a name behind the track that was proclaimed frontrunner for Christmas #1 before it had even been recorded. Shayne Ward, 20 from Manchester, England claimed the title as the show's winner Saturday. With music industry presses waiting, 750,000 copies of "That's My Goal" were quickly produced to be in stores by today. With such volume, it will almost surely be #1, as Nizlopi, last week's #1, sold 81,660 copies last week, and "That's My Goal" sold 175,000 today! So no contest then really, as "That's My Goal" will surely be Christmas #1 all over Britain this Sunday.

So what about the song itself? Does it really matter? This single is about being an event, not about being a song. It's a fine song, nothing about it is either spectacular or really awful. A lot like Will Young's "Evergreen" or Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This," decent songs that offered little in the way of what those artists could become. Ward could go the way of Clarkson and Young, or end up on the other end of the stick with Justin Guarini and Michelle McManus. It's a ballad of course, somewhat mid-tempo, with piano, strings, acoustic guitars, and a 3rd quarter key change (Ahh, don't we just love that biggest of all pop ballad cliches). Could be worse--at least it's not Bob The Builder for Christmas #1.

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