Sunday, December 04, 2011

Album Review Supplemental: Rihanna - Talk That Talk

As I said above in the review, Talk That Talk rehashes a lot of sounds from previous Rihanna albums. Here's some key examples.

Talk That Talk track...
Sounds like previous track...
We Found Love
Loud's Only Girl
Both songs feature similar radio-ready dance pop productions and were chosen as their albums' lead singles
You Da One
Loud's What's My Name
Both songs feature breezy, mid-tempo productions with a definite Caribbean underpinning.
Talk That Talk
Rated R's Rude Boy
Both songs have a similar vibe and beat courtesy of production team StarGate.
Where Have You Been
Good Girl Gone Bad's Disturbia or Loud's S&M
These are clubby songs like "We Found Love" and "Only Girl" but with a harder, electro edge. All produced by different people though.
We All Want Love
Good Girl Gone Bad's Hate That I Love You
These songs slow down the tempo, but not too slow and go for a positive, uplifting sound.
Loud's California King Bed
They are both ballads, but with epic-sounding production.
Roc Me Out
Rated R's Hard
They achieve that same synthesizer "growl" by making the song sound both highly processed but also a bit rough around the edges.

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