Sunday, November 13, 2011

UK Singles Chart, November 19, 2011

1.(2) We Found Love - Rihanna (feat. Calvin Harris)

Rihanna returns to the top spot for a fourth week at #2 after 2 weeks away from the top spot. That gives the song a fourth week at #1, tying it with LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" as the second-longest-running #1 hit of the year. Both songs are behind the year's biggest #1 hit, Adele's "Someone Like You," which spent 5 weeks at #1 and was also the most recent single to also have an interrupted run at #1.

2.(NEW) Take a Chance on Me - JLS

What looked like a surefire #1 ends up at #2 this week, unable to stop the resurgent Rihanna. Thus ends the JLS tradition of a November ballad #1 started in 2009 with "Everybody in Love" and continued last year with "Love You More." The song's failure to hit #1 mimics that of The Wanted recent single, "Lightning," also a #1 hopeful that stopped short at #2. This is JLS's 8th top 10 hit.

5.(6) Lego House - Ed Sheeran

"Lego House" climbs another notch to #5, becoming Ed Sheeran's third consecutive top 5 hit.

7.(10) Without You - David Guetta (feat. Usher)

"Without You" has been in the top 20 for the last 8 weeks, steadily climbing to this week's new peak of #7.

10.(NEW) What Do You Take Me For - Pixie Lott (feat. Pusha T)

Pixie Lott's new single misfires this week, debuting at #10. Last time Pixie Lott released a single just before putting out an album, it hit #1. That was 2009's "Boys and Girls," released just a week before her debut album, Turn It Up. Now, on the eve of Young Foolish Bad, Pixie just manages to scrape her way into the top 10. As Pixie Lott singles go, "What Do You Take Me For" is among the least interesting, but only making it to #10 doesn't bode well for future singles from the album.

12.(26) Shake It Out - Florence & the Machine

"Shake It Out" debuted at #27 and then fell out of the of the 40. But since last week, it's shown a remarkable resurgence, re-entering the top 40 at #26 and jumping this week to #12. It now ties "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)" as their third highest charting hit.

14.(NEW) Me Without You - Loick Essien

British pop singer Loick Essien debuts at #14 with his second single, the follow up to summer hit "How We Roll," which reached #2. I'm shocked this has debuted so low. I like this song and thought it was good for the top 5. Apparently not. Sorry Loick.

16.(NEW) It Will Rain - Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars earns his 8th top 20 hit this week, albeit his smallest as "It Will Rain" debuts at #16. His last solo single, "Marry You," reached #11.

18.(NEW) I Need - Maverick Sabre

Summer release "Let Me Go" hit #16, and now Sabre follows that with #18 hit "I Need."


J.Mensah said...

Amazing result! Gotta love Rihanna, especially when she keeps bullshit off the top spot!

ww_adh said...

Woo hoo! I'm really into "We Found Love" now. And I'm already enjoying "You Da One." I'm excited for the new album.

J.Mensah said...

I don't know what to make of Talk That Talk... It's her most experimental I think--especially when she samples the XX--but then there's "Birthday Cake" and "Cockiness" which I can't get my head around... Are they so bad that they're good?