Thursday, July 21, 2011

Top 40 Airplay - Close Race for #1

I mentioned that it's possible LMFAO won't get a week at #1 at top 40 radio, since Katy Perry is gaining faster. But it's hard to say. Here's the Mediabase chart right now. Look at the current spins and spin gains. This is a close one!


John said...

I never thought I'd root for Katy Perry, but I am hoping she leaves LMFAO in the dust.

Project Mobius said...

At this point, I'd have to say I'm rooting for Katy Perry. However, it's not because I don't believe "Party Rock Anthem"'s a great song; it's because it's already had its time in the limelight at the top of the Billboard charts, and "Last Friday Night" is too good of a song for Katy Perry to not make music history!

*takes a few breaths* What I mean by that is, she'd be only the second artist to have 5 #1 singles from the same album (behind Michael Jackson's "Bad").

ww_adh said...

I'm rooting for Katy Perry too, particularly on the Hot 100 for the reason Mobius points out. When Teenage Dream had its fourth #1, I did a rundown on all the albums with at least four chart-toppers:

ww_adh said...

This morning's update:

Pitbull - 13745
LMFAO - 13628
Perry - 13445

I think tomorrow will be the day. I believe the way the Mediabase Chart works is that whatever is #1 on Sunday is the one that can claim #1 for the week.

John said...

I think it will be the total on Sunday night. That's why Mediabase updates more frequently over the weekend. It'll be tight.

ww_adh said...

Saturday morning--LMFAO takes the lead 13,667, with Katy Perry still third at 13,463.