Thursday, July 14, 2011

Billboard Hot 100, July 23, 2011

1.(1) Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO (feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock)

It's a second week at #1 for "Party Rock Anthem," which is still selling well and gaining at radio. It's not yet #1 at top 40 radio, and it's going to be a close call whether it gets a week at #1 there, where Pitbull is still reigning supreme, but both LMFAO and Katy Perry are within striking distance--with Perry gaining over 2,000 spins per week, week after week, for a pretty meteoric rise.

4.(4) Last Friday Night (TGIF) - Katy Perry

Katy Perry spends a fourth week at #4, which is kind of shocking, but really it's actually kind of cool how the song has managed to stay in place while it's initial sales surge declined at the same time its airplay has been building very quickly. Once LMFAO begins to cool, this could slingshot to #1, since the only songs in its way now are former #1s by Pitbull and Adele.

7.(8) How to Love - Lil Wayne

A rapper as airplay gainer? For sure, when it's a song as great as this. "How to Love" has really caught on at top 40 this week. It's been hovering around the 30s the last few weeks, but suddenly it's got a 1200 spin gain and jumped up to #21. Of course, it's big at rhythmic and urban, so all that adds up to this week's Airplay Gainer.

8.(9) Good Life - OneRepublic

I'm kind of tired of this song, but apparently others aren't, since they are buying it like hotcakes--it's this week's Digital Gainer, surprisingly.

17.(22) I Wanna Go - Britney Spears

Britney Spears climbs into the top 20 "I Wanna Go." It's her fourth consecutive top 20 hit, a record run for her. It's album, Femme Fatale, is her third album to score three top 20 hits, following her 1999 debut and 2008's Circus.

19.(21) Motivation - Kelly Rowland (feat. Lil Wayne)

Also moving into the top 20 this week is Kelly Rowland, who hasn't appeared in the top 20 in 6 years. Apart from Destiny's Child, Rowland has had rather few hits in the US, although she has had some luck in the UK, where she's had eight top 10 hits. At home though she's had only the one really big hit, "Dilemma," a #1 in 2002 with Nelly. She hit #17 with Trina on "Here We Go" in 2005. So this is Rowland's biggest hit as a lead artist.

36.(43) Firework - Katy Perry

This looked about ready to make its Hot 100 exit last week, but now it inexplicably rebounds back into the top 40 in its 38th week, giving Perry three top 40 hits this week.


twostepcub said...

I'm sure "Firework" got a belated boost from post-4th of July traffic - It seemed like it was on every fireworks broadcast (as well as "Dynamite").

Kudos to Kelly - Though I really prefer her "What A Feeling" single.

Also it's ironic that Josh Turner's "I Wouldn't Be A Man" finally makes in onto the hot 100 the week it drops off the country chart after 36 weeks.


ww_adh said...

Oh right, Fourth of July. That makes sense. Kelly Rowland has had lots of great songs, and it's a shame they weren't bigger hits here. "Stole," "Like This," "Work," and "Daylight" are all personal faves.