Thursday, June 23, 2011

Billboard Hot 100, July 2, 2011

1. Rolling in the Deep - Adele

Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" stays at #1 for a 7th week, officially making it the longest-running #1 hit of 2011 and the second-longest running #1 hit so far this decade behind Kesha's 10-week run for "Tik Tok." This is surely Adele's last week at #1, as three #1 hopefuls are breathing hotly (very hotly) down her back. Of course, she's had an amazing run with this song which, in addition to topping the Hot 100, has been #1 on Digital Songs, Radio Songs, Pop Songs, Adult Pop Songs, Adult Contemporary, Triple A and, as the year's biggest multi-format smash, has also shown up on the charts for alternative songs, rock songs, dance club/play songs--even hip-hop/R&B songs and Latin songs. Wow!

2. Give Me Everything - Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer
3. Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock

These have been the strongest contenders to unseat Adele, and one of them may get their shot next week, although the song at #4 this week may steal their thunder. Pitbull, in particular, looks to be slipping, with his sales down 5 percent this week. LMFAO earns Airplay Gainer this week.

4. Last Friday Night (TGIF) - Katy Perry

Katy Perry rockets up 27 notches to #4 with "Last Friday Night (TGIF)," the fifth single from her album Teenage Dream, which follows in the wake of the albums previous four #1 hits to becomes its fifth straight top 5 single. With the song's video out this week, it's showing amazing momentum, and there is little doubt in my mind it will be at #1 hit, if not next week, then the week after. It's currently the fastest-growing track at top 40 radio, where it has quickly climbed up to #12.

Teenage Dream is the first album since Fergie's The Dutchess (2006) to score five top 5 hits. Fergie did it with "London Bridge" (#1), "Fergalicious" (#2), "Glamorous" (#1), "Big Girls Don't Cry" (#1), and "Clumsy" (#5). If "Last Friday Night" hits #1, it will become only the second album ever to score five #1 hits. Only Michael Jackson's Bad has ever achieved that feat.

6. The Edge of Glory - Lady Gaga

Not much to report on the song this week, which holds at #6 with a bullet (although with its video out, expect some growth next week). Just wanted to note the passing of the song's saxophone soloist, Clarence Clemons, a member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band who died Saturday at age 69.

16. Lighters - Bad Meets Evil featuring Bruno Mars

I saw this on the UK chart this week and just shrugged it off as some sort of dance act with a Bruno Mars vocal. Well that was pretty dumb, since 1) it's a decent song and 2) it's by Eminem, not some anonymous dance act. Oops! Bad Meets Evil is a collaboration between Eminem and Detroit rapper Royce da 5'9". "Lighters" is the highest entry in the Hot 100 this week, in at #16. This is Bruno Mars' 6th top 40 hit.


Project Mobius said...

Do you think that we'll consider Katy Perry to be as much of a legend as Michael Jackson in 10 years? I highly doubt it, but she's definitely gathering the credits to prove that she could one day be in his league!

ww_adh said...

I highly doubt she'll achieve that kind of legendary status. Who could? But I think we'll look back on Teenage Dream is a potent hitmaker of the early 10s. It's likely to be her biggest thing.

Paul said...

surely Adele is over at the top now. I sort of want Katy to get her 5th number one!! I wasn't that taken with the album at first but now it seems like a mini greatest hits of goodness.

Oh! And that Pitbull song is everywhere still in the UK. I particularly like how he rhymes kodak with... kodak :P

ww_adh said...

I wasn't a big fan of the album either; however, when I wrote my review I said I suspected it would generate a lot of hits and they would be more enjoyable as singles. I'd say I nailed that. "Give Me Everything" I've warmed to, but only slightly. It's overplayed.