Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Single Serving

S&M (Remix) - Rihanna featuring Britney Spears. Musically this is a "soft" remix that sounds mostly like the original. The big difference is the addition of Britney Spears, turning a softcore fetishist tease of a pop song into the latest girl-on-girl come on. Britney's no stranger to that of course. Just as the song might start to fade on the charts, this fresh remix ensures it will stick around awhile longer. Great idea.

Don't Turn Out the Lights - NKOTBSB. New Kids on the Block plus Backstreet Boys equals the first ever boyband supergroup. I guess these guys are serious about their reunion efforts which, in the case of NKOTB amounted to a popular tour, but a not very successful album, and in the case of Backstreet Boys--who have actually been reunited for 6 years now--has definitely flagged after a promising start. So why not join forces? Sure, Donnie Wahlberg has a popular TV show, Blue Bloods, but it's not a hit series (yet), so he's got to keep the bread and butter alive. I've seen the press swoon over this, but frankly, Take That re-wrote the book on mature boyband music with Progress and this first joint offering pales in comparison to anything on that disc. Fun, but not a keeper.

Sweat (Remix) - Snoop Dogg vs. David Guetta. Snoop Dogg is back on the pop charts big time. First he teamed up with Katy Perry on last year's biggest summer hit, "California Gurls," and now he joins forces with DJ-Producer David Guetta to deliver spring's biggest club jam. I'm quite enjoying this--best Guetta track since "When Love Takes Over."

Beautiful People - Chris Brown feat. Benny Benassi. Speaking of dance jams, Chris Brown takes his urban sound to the dance floor on this track from F.A.M.E. He's still on my s**tlist, but I can't deny this is great dance track. "Yeah 3X" may have been pretty bland, but he's quickly proving that this album has much to offer.

I Wrote the Book - Beth Ditto. A freebie on iTunes this week that's actually pretty decent. She exudes quite a bit of personality on this early-to-mid '80s-loving dance pop track. Check out the video, which pays homage to Madonna's "Justify My Love" and "Vogue" vids:


Paul said...

i quite like the NKOTBSB tune. I think it;s just a bit of nostalgia washing over me though!!

A1 said...

S&M is already the best thing this year, didnt need that Brit-ho to spoil it but yeah!
Totally agree with Snoop, Shit Brown, and Beth !! couldn't have written any of that better myself!

rcLoy said...

Am listening to Beautiful People now and I must say I am quite smitten by it. Ah, why does he have to be an arse? :/

ww_adh said...

Thanks guys. A1, I'm glad you like Beth. She seems pretty cool. I'm looking forward to hearing more.