Thursday, June 24, 2010

Scissor Sisters' Night Work - First Impressions

You can listen too here.

Night Work - Gets the party started. Love it.

Whole New Way - Ooh. Very cool. Sounds like Wham! Actually, it sounds a lot like George Michael's "I Want Your Sex."

Fire with Fire - The one we already know and love. Morseo than the other songs so far, this really reminds me of Stuart Price. Specifically the last Killers album.

Any Which Way - Like "Whole New Way" this sounds very late '70s/early '80s. Great disco track. Reminds me of "Filthy/Gorgeous."

Harder You Get - A little slower, but still definitely in the early '80s vein. Sexy electro and new wavish. Reminds me of something but I can't quite say what.

Running Out - Electric guitar at the opening makes this a little more rock sounding. But it's once again got an early '80s vibe.

Something Like This - Harder electro sound, like a poppier version of '80s Depeche Mode. This is the first song that I haven't immediately taken to.

Skin This Cat - Wow this is REALLY '80s sounding. Ooh, Ana is singing. Why don't she and Jake duet ever? A bit mellower this song, although nothing here is approaching "ballad."

Skin Tight - It's jaunty. Not bad. Not a standout. Lots of synthesizers at work here.

Sex and Violence - A seamless transition brings us to "Sex and Violence," which is slinkier and dancier than the last song.

Night Life - More rockin' track with a strong bass line. Again, not a stand out, although this one could be a grower.

Invisible Light - This was the preview track from iTunes, so I've been into it for a few weeks. Ian McKellan makes a great Vincent-Price-a-la-"Thriller" cameo.

This is dynamite good. I'm really impressed. I can't wait to listen to it more.


J.Mensah said...

That cover is ALL OVER London... kinda annoying having a pair of buttcheeks just staring you in the face wherever you go ¬_¬

Paul said...

so glad you like it - such a cohesive piece of work and of course the cheeky All The Lovers cover makes their recent output quite spectacular :)

ww_adh said...

J.Mensah - Funny. It's amazing how big they are in Britain, yet they've never had a hit in the US.

Paul - I hope that gets put out as a b-side. It's great.