Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Listening to...

All the Lovers - Kylie Minogue. Well, of course I'm listening to this. I don't think I even need to say so.

Dancing on My Own - Robyn. Loving Robyn's new single. I like the hard synth beat and the nod to the '80s.

Beautiful Monster - Ne-Yo. Ne-Yo's first single from his fourth album is, like "Closer," influenced by Euro dancepop. I'm really into it.

Cooler than Me - Mike Posner. I was surprised by this song. I saw it on the chart, but paid it no notice until this week and it's really quite a nice piece of electro-pop.

Find Your Love - Drake. The piano is reminiscent of Linkin Park's "In the End," and the bleeding heart hip-hop artist-turned-singer electronic pop shtick recalls Kayne West's 808s and Heartbreak, which I was a big fan of.

Dynamite - Taio Cruz. Taio Cruz's new single is another knockout slice of pop/R&B. I may like this better than "Break Your Heart," which between its UK release last fall and its US release this spring has worn out its welcome in my life.

. The cred-drenched British hip-hop artist's first single from her latest album is a pretty decent slice of electropop.

Secrets - OneRepublic. Cello opens the latest single by OneRepublic, the follow-up to their hit "All the Right Moves."

Tightrope - Janelle Monae feat. Big Boi. A highlight from her album, which I recently reviewed. It's probably the album's best bet for a pop hit. Features Outkast's Big Boi as guest rapper.

Come Back Home - Two Door Cinema Club. Why hasn't this group broken out yet? Yet another good song from them.


J.Mensah said...

I get confused with Robyns new song too Dancing By Myself... Dancing On My Own... same thing really? lol

ww_adh said...

Ha! Oops.

rcLoy said...

8/10!! Yay for Kylie, Robyn, Taio and TDCC~ I'm surprised how much I enjoyed Cooler than Me too. LOL. Ehem, my shameless plug of the latest post about the song's I'm listening to LOL

Paul said...

Yes to Kylie, sometimes to Robyn, occassionally to Drake. But mega yes to Kylie :)