Saturday, February 16, 2008

What I am (and therefore you should be) listening to

A&E - Goldfrapp. This is perhaps the most gorgeous song Goldfrapp has made since "Lovely Head." It's also their most accessible single, but don't let that turn you off. Its lovely sheen is punctured by the lyrics, which hint at something darker.

Mercy - Duffy. Duffy's second single ups the ante from her first, presenting a sexy, swirling retro number, upbeat with prominent bass drum and strings. She says "I'm under your spell," but with this, we're under hers.

I Thought It Was Over - The Feeling. The Feeling returns with their first single from their sophomore album, an upbeat feel-good track most closely akin to "Love It When You Call" among their previous hits. My only hesitation with this is that it's almost too slick--will their new album be overproduced?

The Journey Continues - Mark Brown featuring Sarah Cracknell. Saint Etienne's singer lends her voice to this atmospheric trance single.

Ready for the Floor - Hot Chip. Hot Chip finally put out a single I like, after being disappointed with the releases from their last album. This manages to be warm and melodic, despite its pedigree.

Break of Dawn 2008 - Out of Office. There's a lot of dance releases out just now, most of which are throwbacks to late '90s dance music. This is probably my favorite of that pack, sounding like something from 1998. Also worthwhile is "What's It Gonna Be" by H two O featuring Platnum.

Please Read the Letter - Robert Plant & Alison Krauss. This is how you make a duet. It's a lovely countrified ballad and they sound great together on it.

Come on Girl (Wideboys Remix) - Taio Cruz. This is what Craig David should be sounding like right now, a fun blend of R&B, electro and dance.

When I'm Gone - Simple Plan. Simple Plan's new album didn't impress me, but this single from it is pretty good. The chorus has a good hook, but I imagine fans are going to be turned off by the slick pop production.


6 of 1 Thing - Craig David. Craig, you lost me on this one--an overly repetitive and uninteresting single.

Just - Mark Ronson featuring Alex Grenwald. A tepid remake of the Radiohead original, and a bad choice to follow-up the brilliant Amy Winehouse collaboration of "Valerie."

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