Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Adele's 'Someone Like You' Tops Billboard Hot 100

Adele continues to prove she's the hottest pop artist of 2011 by topping the new Billboard Hot 100 chart, out tomorrow, with "Someone Like You," her second #1 this year after "Rolling in the Deep." "Someone Like You" was also a chart-topper earlier this year in Britain.

What's really cool is that the unusual reason it is America's new #1 hit is almost identical to why it was such a sensation in Britain: fans flocking to buy the single after a rousing live performance at an awards show. It her her performance of the song during the UK's Brit Awards that propelled the song to #1--weeks before it was to be officially released, since "Rolling in the Deep" was the song being promoted at the time. In the US, the song has been steadily climbing the charts, both in sales and airplay, but it was her performance of it at the MTV Music Video Awards that ignited a fire under its sales. It's been #1 on iTunes ever since.

Here's a video of the performance:

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To compare, here's her Brit Awards performance from earlier this year:

Complete Hot 100 rundown tomorrow.


Chris B. said...

Adele's popularity in the United States restores my faith in the American people. (Now don't screw it up, American people, by electing Rick Perry.)

Project Mobius said...

Or Michelle Bachmann, or Sarah Palin, or Ron Paul (although he has a surprisingly good foreign policy)... The only moderate Republican candidate is Mitt Romney, and there's no way he'll get the nomination, the way this race is turning...

Anyways, congrats to Adele, although I feel that "Someone Like You" charted 1st too early in its American career (although surprisingly late, compared to in other countries). Now, when is "Set Fire to the Rain" a U.S. single?

Matt said...

Wow, that was unexpected. Didn't expect it to be much of a hit at all, nevermind make that kind of jump to number one. Good on her, though; it's a great song, and definitely something different from the average top 40 hit these days.