Monday, December 13, 2010

Alexandra Burke - Overcome

Last week, Alexandra Burke re-released her 2009 album, Overcome, in a special edition package with a new cover, new songs and the single versions of songs released earlier this year. Is it worth getting? Thankfully, in the iTunes era, it's not necessary to buy the whole thing; just buy some or all of the tracks you don't already have. Here's a look at what you get that's different on this re-release:

1. Start without You (feat. Laza Morgan). This was released as a single at the end of August and it hit #1, although I wouldn't call it an enduring hit single, as it only spent 7 weeks in the top 40. It didn't do that well at radio either, in contrast to her many of her other singles that garnered significant airplay. I like the song enough, but it's not amazing stuff.

2. The Silence (single mix). Track 3 on the original album gets a slight remix and moved up a spot on the album. The changes are fine, but if you already have Overcome, I wouldn't insist you get this too. I liked the song enough in its original version, although I didn't think it was absolutely one of the best tracks, as it's a bit overblown. Sounds like something Ryan Tedder would write, but apparently he did not.

4. All Night Long (single mix feat. Pitbull). This is one of my favorites from the original album, and it only got better on the single version, which got a fresher mix and a fun middle section rap from Pitbull.

5. Perfect. A new song--a lush ballad, awash in strings and piano, with guitar and drums that kick in for verse 2. This is a nice song. I would've put this out instead of "The Silence."

6. What Happens on the Dance Floor (feat. Cobra Starship). Alexandra gets to shake her booty on the '80s-sounding dance pop stomper loaded with synths and drum programming. I like the idea of Alex channeling Whitney Houston circa 1986, but unfortunately this isn't the greatest song for doing so. Maybe it will grow on me.

7. Before the Rain. Another downbeat ballad with minor key and piano. This is more dramatic than "Perfect," kind of like "Bleeding Love." It's pretty good, but I don't think I prefer it to the other new ballad. It's written by Steve Mac, who's written a ton of recent pop hits.

8. Broken Heels (single mix). I think this is just an edit, as I don't recall the song getting a new mix for the song. So unless you're a purist who must have this, I'm sure you can get by with the original version, which is 34 seconds longer.

Track 3 is "Bad Boys" and tracks 9 through 17 are all the other tracks that appeared on the original album, generally in the same sequence, except for moves made to accommodate the new songs above.

Buy: All Night Long (single version), Perfect
Skip: The Silence (single version)


rcLoy said...

*Ehem* All Night Long feat Pitbull is one of my best of 10 single. That's all. LOL

ww_adh said...

Are you going to post a list of your favorites? What else would be on it?

rcLoy said...

Thank you for asking. I have compile a list but not sure whether how I should present it. LOL. Can't wait to see everyone's list this year!