Monday, August 09, 2010

UK Singles Chart, August 14, 2010

I have internet access today, but no more this one more post!

1. Beautiful Monster - Ne-Yo

Generally, the chart fortunes of American artists who have a fairly equal level of popularity in the US and the UK are similar. Black Eyed Peas and Lady GaGa, for example, have generally seen the same singles chart the highest in the last couple years. When you get an outlier, it's worth exploring. "Beautiful Monster" is one such outlier. In the US, this was a flop, peaking at #53 on the Hot 100 and #24 at top 40 radio. Among his major hits, this is the first to deviate so startly on the singles charts between the two countries: "So Sick" was #1 in both, "Sexy Love" was top 10, "Because of You" was top 5, and "Miss Independent" was top 10. "Closer" was #1 in Britain and only #7 in America, however, it hung around the charts for so long in the US that it was one of the 20 biggest hits of the year (in the UK it was #15 for 2008).

So why the big difference for this single? I don't know exactly. I think "Beautiful Monster" is a great single and I thought it would be a big hit in the US. Similar to "Closer," the single that led his last album, Year of the Gentleman, "Beautiful Monster" is a clubby, upbeat pop song. It goes even more Euro sounding than "Closer," and perhaps that's what's hung it up in the US. At one point "Closer" looked like it wasn't going to be a big hit--it took forever to reach the top 10--but it finally did. Ne-Yo's label has already moved on to promoting the second single in the US, "Champagne Life."

2. Club Can't Handle Me - Flo Rida feat. David Guetta

Flo Rida scores his fourth top 2 hit, following #1s "Right Round" and "Bad Boys (w/Alexandra Burke)" and #2 "Low." For David Guetta, the man who now dominates the sound of dance pop, it is his third top 10 hit this summer and 7th overall.

11. Choices - Hoosiers

Hoosiers, who scored two top 5 hits in 2007, just miss the top 10 with the first single from their second album, The Illusion of Safety. "Choices" is a new sound for the band, going in the popular synth-based retro vein.

12. What If - Jason DeRulo

Jason DeRulo is primed to score his fourth UK top 10 hit next week, as this single gets a digital release today. Available now from his album, "What If" climbs 3 spots to #12. It's the follow-up to #2 hit "Ridin' Solo," currently in the US top 10.

Big week next week--Finally, the physical release for B.o.B. & Hayley Williams' "Airplanes"; the return single for The Saturdays, "Missing"; and the likely #1 contender, Tinchy Stryder's "In My System." Plus digital singles from Jason DeRulo, T.I. & Keri Hilson, I Am Arrows and Ellie Goulding.


John said...

Wow..."Airplanes" and "In My System" haven't been released yet. Feels like they've been around forever now.

Interesting breakdown on Ne-Yo...I've been wondering about it myself. I think the initial strategy to set up the album was "Beautiful" at Top 40 and "Champagne" at Urban, but "Beautiful" just never held despite some early gains. Maybe the big difference is that sales on "Beautiful" were held back in the UK, creating a demand. As you mentioned, there's no chance of it staying at #1 with Tinchy on the way.

ww_adh said...

Guess we were wrong about Tinchy. Poor thing.

Anonymous said...

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