Monday, April 14, 2008

UK Singles Chart, 4/19/2008

1. American Boy - Estelle Featuring Kanye West

Estelle remains at #1 for a third week with "American Boy." If it can stay on top next week, it will become the third #1 hit in a row to spend 5 weeks at #1. We're now well into the 2nd quarter, and we've had only 3 #1 hits so far this year. By this point in 2000, we'd had 12 #1 hits (the 12th of which makes an appearance on the top 40 this week). Estelle also climbs to the top of the airplay chart this week.

2. Black and Gold - Sam Sparro

I thought this would have a shot at #1. No cigar, but close. The single rises to #2 upon its physical release. Hopefully Sam's debut album, out later this month, will be as good as this fantastic first single.

4. 4 Minutes - Madonna and Justin

After a dip last week, Madonna and JT rebound to a new peak at #4. The physical release is still a week away and #1 is still looking good.

5. Touch My Body - Mariah Carey

Mariah manages to climb a spot with "Touch My Body." Her 17th top 5 hit.

9. Cry for You - September

Now this is good news! I've been into this single for about a month, but since I hadn't seen it on the chart, I was afraid it had flopped. In actuality, it hadn't been released yet in the UK, despite having appeared on Radio 1's playlist for quite some time. Upon its digital release the singles sails into the top 10 at #9, and with the physical single out this week, it has a chance at #1 next week. It's from the same label that brought up "Now You're Gone" earlier this year, but don't let that stop you from loving this. Of course, a cool dance track like this would have to be Swedish.

16. Toca's Miracle 2008 - Fragma

This was that #1 from 2000 I mentioned above. "Toca's Miracle" gets a slight remix for this release. Doesn't serve much purpose really, other than to remind us of one of the decade's best dance singles.

19. Heartbeat - Scouting for Girls

After two top 10s, Scouting for Girls miss out with "Heartbeat." Frankly I'm tired of them, and this single is only so-so.

24. The Age of the Understatement - Last Shadow Puppets

Alex Turner of Arctic Monkey's side project makes a digital-sales debut at #24. This single is also out this week, and will surely land in the top 10.

38. Hometown Glory - Adele

Adele's first single makes another appearance in the top 40. Odd timing? I must have missed something. Why isn't her new single, "Cold Shoulder" charting yet?

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