Wednesday, May 31, 2006

More Singles Reviews!

I'm on a roll...

Love Sensation '06 (Hi-Tack Remix) - Loleatta Holloway (3.5/5)

"Love Sensation" has to be the most recognizable '70s disco track that was never a hit. I checked the Billboard and UK singles chart records--no history of this charting. Yet it's been sampled time and again in cuts such as "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark, "(You Got Me) Burning Up" by Cevin Fisher, "Ride on Time" by Black Box, and "We All Feel Better in the Dark" by Pet Shop Boys. This new version comes courtesy of Hi-Tack, the dance artists/remixers responsible for tooling with Michael Jackson tracks "Say Say Say" and "Somebody's Watching Me." Take a listen and you'll start thinking of all these others songs. This new version is pretty good, although a bit much. I bet it gets dance floors up in a real frothy stake.

Fill My Little World - The Feeling (5/5)

The Feeling is a really cool band. Trust me! Need proof? Just listen to second single "Fill My Little World," which is just as good as their debut, "Sewn." The album is out next week. It's jaunty, has piano-backed choruses, and Beatlesesque harmonic singing. Love it!

Trouble Sleeping - Corinne Bailey Rae (4.5/5)

"Put Your Records On" was good, but this makes me want the album. It's bluesy, sexy, good stuff. More mellow and less immediate than last single, but quite gratifying. Joss Stone would've killed for this track.

Follow Me Home - Sugababes (4/5)

This song, as originally intended to be sung by former member Mutya, was about Mutya and her daughter. Now that Mutya is gone and Amelle's in place, the group seemed to have reimagined this as some sort of hooker survival anthem (Just see the video--old men waiting in cars, etc.). The song is the stepchild of "Stronger," their fabulous (best) third single from 2002's Angels With Dirty Faces. Since then, they've managed to clone "Stronger" into "Too Lost in You," "Conversation's Over," "Caught In A Moment," and now this. It's a great song, great sound, but they've done it so many times now, that I feel like it lacks creativity. "Push the Button" was a fabulous new sound for them. This just revisits the same dark and swirling downbeat pop territory they've already conquered.

Who Knew - Pink (4/5)

Not as fun as "Stupid Girls," just as "Don't Let Me Get Me" wasn't as fun as "Get The Party Started," but it's still a good follow-up. Pink is back. This is mid-tempo, guitar-driven, big chorus, pop/rock stuff. Her forte.

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