Monday, March 27, 2006

On My iPod This Week

Of course there's a lot on my iPod, but here's what I'm really into this week:


"What You Wasn't Famous" The Streets - Mike Skinner is back with a great beat and self-deprecating humor. Very good.

This New Day Embrace - Embrace's new album is pretty good. I need to listen a few more times before I review it, but so far I like it. Back to the epic sound they started out with, but with more craft to it.

"Lie to Me" Daniel Powter - Daniel Powter has finally decided on a follow-up single to "Free Loop," his chart-ineligible release from like 5 months ago. I feel like I shouldn't like DP, but I do, and I think this song is really great. It makes you feel good just listening to it.

"Sewn" The Feeling - I still really like this and can't wait for the album. When is it coming out?

"Satin Chic" Goldfrapp - At one point this was slated to be the next single, although now it looks like it will be "Fly Me Away." Too bad, as "Satin Chic" is way better. Love the wicked player piano.

"Crazy" Gnarlz Barkley - Retro rules right now, and this sounds great, like it's fresh from the '70s.

"Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" - I didn't like "Run It!" Crunk isn't my thing, since it's devoid of melody, but this is better.


R said...

I have the new Streets album. It's quite good.

ww_adh said...

Ooh!!! Very cool.